Monday, June 24, 2013

Charles White, A deserter

Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name: WHITE, CHARLES. Rank: PVT. Company: C. Unit: 67 IL US INF. Personal Characteristics. Residence: CHICAGO, COOK CO, IL. Age: 27. Height: 5' 6. Hair: LIGHT. Eyes: BLUE. Complexion: LIGHT. Marital Status: SINGLE. Occupation: MASON. Nativity: BARRY, ORLEANS CO, NY. Service Record. Joined When: JUN 2, 1862. Joined Where: ROCKFORD, IL. Period: 3 MO. Muster In: JUN 13, 1862. Muster In Where: CHICAGO, IL. Remarks: DESERTED JUL 23, 1862.

Official Records of the Union Army.

The name of the sentinel who deserted is Private Charles White, Company C, Sixty-seventh Regiment Illinois Volunteers. The man was enlisted in Chicago. I have given notice to the police authorities in the city who will cooperate with my force in endeavoring to capture the escaped prisoners and the deserter.

Authors noteCharles White was a sentinel guarding prisoners, and who made their escape by digging under a fence, they found White's musket and equipment on the ground by the whole and he was no where to be found.

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