Wednesday, June 26, 2013

James Maytem or Maytum, 83rd. Ohio Infantry.

If your trying to find information on the man you may find it a little hard.  In the Ohio state records it's Maytum but in the official records it's Maytem.  In the National Park Service Index he is listed under both surnames and for the same regiment and company.

State of Ohio Records.

James Maytum, Private, Age 43, Enlisted 83rd., Ohio Infantry, Company K., August 11, 1862, for 3 years.  Mustered out with company July 24, 1865.

Official Records of the Union Army.

James Maytem, a Company K man afterwards. He was all of 45 years of age which was the limit.

About forty of us were lined up to be sworn in, in a long hall somewhere on Third Street, I think, in Cincinnati. Captain Breslin was the mustering officer. He suspected that Maytem was over age and questioned him rather sharply, but could get out of him only that he was forty years old. At last Captain Breslin, (who was a regular army officer) seemed to give it up and moved along down the line. When he got near the lower end, he suddenly wheeled around and with a firm and most decisive tread, heels clattering on the floor, he came rapidly back and halted as if shot immediately in front of Maytem and with an explosive voice said, "and how old are you now?." The old man did not scare worth a cent, and gave the same reply "forty years old," and he was mustered out with the regiment at the close of the war.

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