Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Jacob Bauman & James Weldon, 3rd. Ohio Cavalry.

The information was taken from the Ohio 3rd. Cavalry, Regimental Histry.

Jacob Bauman, Corporal, Age 28., Enlisted September 4, 1861, for 3 years.  Appointed September 4, 1861.  Died July 3, 1862, of wounds received from guerrillas.

July 3, 1862, Corporal, Jacob Bauman, of Company A., was killed by guerrillas and stripped of all his clothing, as he was returning to camp.

James Weldon, Private, Company A., Age 26., Enlisted September 4, 1861, for 3 years.  Transferred to Company K., December 11, 1862.  Died August 15, 1862, at Woodville, Ala.

July 20, 1862, James Weldon, Private, Company K., was shot and instantly killed by some one in ambush.  He had gone ahead of the advance guard and the shot was fired from a piece of woods some distance from the road.

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