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Chester M Ferrin, Vermont 8th., infantry.

Dr. Chester M Ferrin.

Birth: Sep. 27, 1837, Holland, Orleans County, Vermont.
Death: Sep. 28, 1932, Vermont.

Wife: Marian E. Benedict Ferrin (1840 - 1919).

Children: Caroline B Ferrin (1867 - 1948), Hollis Ferrin (1876 - 1877), Jessie Ferrin (1879 - 1906).

Burial: Essex Junction Village Cemetery, Essex Junction, Chittenden County, Vermont.

Eighth Vermont Regimental History.

p. 128, C. M. Ferrin, the hospital steward, attended to the wants of the ailing in the trenches. And to his credit it should be recorded, that his kind and skillful care saved many a soldier from severe illness, and he performed a noble service by his brave and tireless attentions to the wounded in times of battle.  

p. 135, A singular illustration of the power of imagination was discovered at one time by Hospital Steward Ferrin. He was hastily called to a man who lay groaning on the ground, who declared that his foot had been completely shattered by a ball.  The steward removed his shoe and stocking, and found the pedal extremity perfectly sound รข€” the ball had struck his shoe and glanced off.

p. 263, Hospital Steward C. M. Ferrin controls a large practice as physician, and is held in high esteem by all the old comrades
as secretary of the Eighth Vermont Society.

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