Sunday, October 06, 2013

Vermont Soldiers & Chronic Diarrhea.

Almost all of the men on this list died of Chronic Diarrhea.  The information on these men will be the date they were put in the hospital and when they died and a report on their Autopay. Some of the reports were to long to put all them here, but if you would like a report write me at the following.

The following names came from ( Medical and Surgical History of the Rebellion ), Volume 1., part 2. For the author only ( History Surgeon General )
1. Eugene F. Wright, Co. K., 2nd., infantry.
2. Calvin Washburn, Co. K., 2nd., infantry.
3. Peter Mosier, Co. K., 6th., infantry.
4. Benjamin B. True, Co. B., 3rd., infantry.
5. Eli Lombard, Co. K., 6th., infantry.
6. George M. D. Dustin, Co. E., 2nd., infantry.
7. Daniel Ledue, Co. A., 5th., infantry.
8. Valentine McSnerry, Co. C., 3rd., infantry.
9. Alfred E. French, Co. K., 5th., infantry.
10. Rufus A. Egerton, Co. F., 1st., cavalry.
11. Alexander Smith, Co. I., 15th., heavy artillery.
12. Andrew A. Edgarton, 2nd., independent sharpshooters.
13. Nathan L. Brown, Co. C., 4th., infantry.
14. Hiram D. Russell, Co. C., 6th., infantry.
15. Isaac Shadwick, Co. H., 17th., infantry.
16. Charles N. Blake, Co. B., 4th., infantry.
17. Addison Bowley, Co. C., 3rd., infantry.
18. Joseph Gerrold, Co. E., 10th., infantry.
19. Donald McIvor, Co. I., 17th.,infantry.
20. Merritt D. Griswold, Co. F., 17th., infantry.
21. Landon Cram, Co. A., 10th., infantry. 

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