Monday, October 14, 2013

Robert Beck, 27th., Iowa INfantry.

Robert Beck.

Birth: 1840, Ohio.
Death: October 28, 1890.

Wife: Agnes Beck, b. Canada, 1842-1892.

Children: Gerta Beck, b. Iowa, 1868-?

Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua, Chickasaw, county Iowa.

Surgeon General Files.

 Sergeant Robert Beck, Co. G, 27th Iowa, aged 25 years, received, at the battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 9th, 1864, a gunshot wound; the missile entered the left temple on a level, and one inch posterior to outer eminence of the left eye, and passed out one-half of an inch below the right eye, destroying in its course the left eye, the lachrymal sac. duct of right eye, and the bones, and produced ectropion of the right eye.

He was admitted to the Marine Hospital, St. Louis, on April 7th, 1865. On April 27th, Surgeon J. H. Grove, U. S. V., performed a plastic operation for deformity of right eve. Simple dressings were applied. The result was perfect. He was discharged on May 13th, 1865. The case is reported by the operator. In March, 1871, Pension Examiner J. W. Smith reports that necrosed bone has been discharged, during the past year, from wound of exit; the left nostril is closed, except by forced inspiration. He rates his disability as total and permanent.

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