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Colonel Charles G. Otis. .

The Maine Bugle, Volume 1, January 1894.


Colonel Charles G. Otis, formerly of Yonkers, died at his residence, 131 Pacific street, in Brooklyn, N. Y., on Monday, Aug. 7, 1893. He had been confined to the house since last December.

Colonel Otis was born 62 years ago, in Troy. When the war broke out. he organized a regiment of cavalry there and became its colonel, serving throughout the war. He was once captured and spent several months in Libby prison before being released by exchange. History mentions that he and his troops entered a small town down South, and he registered at the hotel as "the first Yank in town."

After the war, Colonel Otis joined his cousins, Charles R. and Norton P. Otis, in the manufacture of elevators, and was an agent of the Elevator Company at the time of his death. He had been in Canada during much of the last two years, attending to contracts for elevators, and several years previous he spent in Buenos Ayres.

His wife died about three years ago. Two sons and four daughters survive him. Two of the daughters are married, being the wives of Cecil R. Thomas of Brooklyn.

Birth: 1832, New York.
Death: 1993.

Wife: Frances E. Otis.

Children: Frances J, Helen J., Carrie, Joseph H., and Charles W. Otis.

Burial: Unknown.


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