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Soldiers Killed by Bushwhackers.

Iowa Tenth Infantry, Co. F.

Dobbs, Thomas. (Veteran.) Age 23. Residence Millersburg, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 22, 1861. Mustered Sept. 7, 1861. Promoted Seventh Corporal May 1, 1862; Fifth Corporal. Wounded in thigh severely May 16, 1863, Champion Hills, Miss. Promoted Third Corporal.Re-enlisted and re-mustered March 30, '1864. Killed by bushwhackers Oct. 22, 1864, Kingston, Ga.

Michigan Second Cavalry, Co. F.

Lynch, John, Grand Rapids. Enlisted in company F, Second Cavalry, Sept.13, 1862, at Grand Rapids, for 3 years, age 23. Mustered Sept. 18, 1862. Joined regiment at Crab Orchard, Ky., Nov. 1, 1862. Killed by bushwhackers while on scout near Cleveland, Tenn., April 2, 1864.

Michigan Third Cavalry,Co. K.

Lewis, George A. (Veteran), Raisin. Enlisted in company K, Third Cavalry, Sept. 9, 1861, at Tecumseh, for 3 years, age 31. Mustered Oct.3, 1861. Re-enlisted as Corporal, Jan. 2o, 1864, at La Grange, Tenn.Mustered Jan. 27, 1864. Killed by bushwhackers while on scout, near Searcy, Ark., Aug. 29, 1864. Buried in National Cemetery at Little Rock, Ark. Grave No. 325.

Michigan Eight Cavalry, Co. K.

Cray, or Clary, Charles D. Enlisted in company K, Eighth Cavalry, Jan.1, 1864, at Allegan, for 3  years, age 24. Mustered Jan. 26, 1864.Corporal. Sergeant, Dec. 1, 1864. First Sergeant, Jan. 1, 1865. Commissioned Second Lieutenant April 25, 1865. Killed by bushwhackers near Sugar Creek, Tenn., April 27, 1865. Buried in National Cemetery at Murfreesboro, Tenn. Grave No. 1863. Original place of interment, Pulaski, Tenn.

Michigan Tenth Cavalry, Co. D. 

Brackett, Orlow J. Enlisted in company D, Tenth Cavalry, Aug. 31. Grand Rapids, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Sept. 18. 1863. Killed by Bushwhackers at Statesville, N. C, April 16, 1865.

Michigan Tenth Cavalry,Co. L.

Keller, William, Union County, Tenn. Enlisted in company L, Tenth Cavalry, Oct. 18, 1864, at Strawberry Plains, for 3 years, age 21. Mustered Oct. 31, 1864. Killed by bushwhackers at Clinch
Valley, Tenn.,Jan. 27, 1865.

Michigan Tenth Cavalry, Co. D.

Nagle, Richard. Enlisted in company D. Tenth Cavalry» Oct. 3, 1863, at Grand Rapids, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Oct. 14. 1863. Killed by bushwhackers at Greenville, S. C, May 2, 1865.

Massachusetts Second Cavalry,Co.  A.

Nixon, Joseph — Priv. — Res. San Francisco, Calif.; occu. —; 23; enl. Nov. 27, 1862; must. Dec. 10, 1862; killed June 20,1863, by bushwhackers, near King and Qusen Court House, Va.

Ohio Thirty-Fourth,Infantry, Co. B.

Frederick Spotts, Private, ,Age 24; Enlisted September 2, 1861, for 3 years; Killed June 3, 1864, at Warm Springs, Virginia by Bushwhackers.

Ohio Forty-Sixth, Infantry, Co. H.

George M. Davis, Private, Enlisted for 3 years; Killed December 11, 1863, near Paint Rook, La. by Bushwhackers.

Ohio 115 Infantry, Co. G.

Charles Tunwell,Private, Age 18;Enlisted October 15, 1863, for 3 years;Died February 10, 1865, at Lavergne, Tennessee; Was shot by Bushwhackers when patrolling, Nashville and Chattanooga, Railroad.

West Virginia Second Cavalry, Co. E.

William M. Hartford, Private; Age 18; Enlisted September 1, 1861, for 3 years.  Killed July 5, 1863; on Coal river, Virginia, by Bushwhackers.  Buried at Winchester Virginia.

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