Tuesday, June 30, 2015

American Vessels Capture by the British.

The ships on this list were Merchant ships and were captured  by the British between the years of 1779 and 1807.I will only list the ships name and it's owner, and Master, if listed.  However there is information on the ship captured and what they were carrying, and what happened to the ship.

Below you will find a example of the kind of information you may receive.  If you would like the information on a ship, give the name and page number.


Cutter Crocodiel; of New York, owned by Scott and Seaman, from Curacon to New York, taken April 5, 1800, by ship of war Amiable; carried into Kingston ( Jam.; ) part of the cargo was Dutch, the remainder American property.  The captors, immediately on the capture, made a privateer of the Crocdile, and sent her on a cruise. .

Author Use only.  Foreign Relations, Volume 2., 1779-1807.

American Vessels Capture by the British.

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