Monday, October 12, 2015

Whip makers of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Here are the names of 38, whip makers of Philadelphia, there is no information on these names.  This list is to help you find a ancestor and learn where they were and the year and what they were doing at this time in history.
Whip makers of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 1864.
Frederick Baldt.
Jacob Boyer
Thomas Brelsford.
William Brish.
John Bumm.
Robert Crowers.
James Cruthers.
Lewis Henry Davis.
Joseph Dawson.
Jacob Dingus Jr.
George Emery.
Charles Farmer.
George Fisher.
John Grant.
William Hiltner.
Henry Horr.
William Hughes.
Joseph James.
John Koockogey.
Paul Leehner.
William McTier.
James Martin.
William Mitchell.
William Montgomery.
Robert Newell.
John Opell.
John Ritterson.
Joseph Roberts.
Jacob Robson.
R. V. Sallada.
Anthony Sharp.
Frederick Steavens.
George Trinkle.
John Waddell.
Frederick Wetzel.
John E. Wetzell.
Joseph Wetzell.
Martin Wetzell.

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