Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Colonel Roger Weightman Hanson.

Roger Weightman "Old Flintlock" Hanson.

Birth: Aug. 27, 1827.

Death: Jan. 4, 1863.

Roger W Hanson was a Civil War Confederate Brigadier General. Although he favored neutrality when the Civil War began, when Union troops moved into his native state, he joined the Kentucky State Guard. Commissioned Colonel in command of the 1st Kentucky Brigade, his penchant for discipline earned him the nickname "Old Flintlock". His command was sent to help the garrison at Fort Donelson, Tennessee, where he was forced to surrender on February 16, 1862. Held as a prisoner of war, he was exchanged in August 1862 and was promoted Brigadier General in command the 4th Kentucky Brigade in December 1862. When the division was ordered to make an assault on the Union lines at Murfreesboro, Kentucky, on January 2, 1863, he led his brigade in the attack, was mortally wounded and died two days later.

Virginia Peters Hanson.

Birth: Aug. 27, 1824.

Death: Oct. 16, 1888.

Wife of Roger Weightman Hanson.
Married: November 15, 1853, Woodford County Kentucky.

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