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Pennsylvania Regiments 1776-?

Here are some bites and pieces of the Pennsylvania regiments, there is no order to this information I put it down as I found it, there may be some add information on some of these men, if you see a name of interest you can request a look up. My address can be found in my profile.

10th. Pennsylvania.

1. Sergeant. Welsh, Michael, of Caernarvon township, Lancaster county, Capt. x Stout's company; shot in left knee, at Princeton, January 8, 1777.

3rd. Pennsylvania Battalion.

1. Scott, William, drummer, shot through both shoulders November 16, 1776.

12th. Pennsylvania.

1. First Lieutenant, McElhatton, William, October 16,1776; wounded at Boramtown by ball and buck shot in shoulder; lost the use of his arm, &c.; promoted captain lieutenant, and transferred to Sixth Penn'a, July 1,1778.

7th. Pennsylvania regiment.

1. Captain, Montgomery, Samuel, of the Seventh, March 20,1777; shot through the foot July 6, 1781, and returned home ; transferred to Third Penn'a, January 1, 1783.

12th. Pennsylvania.

1. McKeever, Angus, from Twelfth Penn.; Capt. James Chrystie's company ; discharged July 28, 1783 ; lost thumb and forefinger by musket ball, and wounded in the thigh with grape shot; resided in Martinsburg, Virginia, 1827.

1st. Pennsylvania.

1. Private, Smith, James, shot through the head at Germnntown, and wounded in the knee with a bayonet; living in Philadelphia in 1788, a Pennsylvania pensioner.

2. Private, Filsin, George, Captain William Wilson's company ; shot through the left leg at Trenton, January 2, 1777 ; transferred from general hospital at Bethlehem to Litiz, 20th December, 1777; from Litiz to Yellow Spring hospital; latter hospital broken up in 1781; resided in Chester county in 1785.

5th. Pennsylvania.

Private, Owen, Thomas, January 1,1777—1781; shot through the right thigh at Brandywine; resided in Chester county, 1786.

Battalion of Riflemen.

1. Private, Kelley, John. " September 14,1775, John Kelly, one of Capt. Cluggages' men, shot one of Capt. Chambers' men through the head, for stabbing him."

9th. Pennsylvania.

1, Second Lieutenant, Witman, William, February, 1777; shot through the body with a musket ball at Germantown; taken, and paroled; left out in arrangement of 1778; resided in Berks county in 1789 : died October 12,1808.

13th. Pennsylvania.

1. Sergeant, Pealing, Joshua, Marshall's company; wounded by a grape shot through the hand at Brandywine.

German regiment.

1. Private, Rybaker, John, August 17,1776; shot through the hand and shoulder at Germantown.

General Court-Martial.

Neal McGonnagel, a Soldier of the 7th P. Rigt., Try'd, first, for threatening Capt. Scott's Life; 2nd, Drawing his Bayonet & Stabbing him repeatedly while In the Execution of his Office. Found guilty of the Charges Exhibitted against him, being Breach of Sextion 2nd, article 5th, of the articles of War, & Sentenced, by a Majority of more than two thirds , to be shot to Death. His Excellency, the Commander in Chief, approves the Sentence.


At a Brigade G. Court Martial held in Gen' Clinton's Brigade Octob' 20th , '78, John Yeomans, a soldier in Colonel DeBaw's Regt., was tried for desertion & robbery. The Charge of robbery was not supported, But found Guilty of Desertion, and sentenced to be shot to Death at the head of the Brigade. The Commander in Chief approves of the sentence, But is pleased to pardon Yeomens, on account of the recent Instances of many Criminals having been executed for Breaches of Military Duty, which he hopes will not Deter him, But every other soldier in the army from violating his solemn obligation faithfully to serve the United States.


Alexander Grier alias Smith, a Soldier in Col. Megg's Reg', Tryed for Desertion, Unanimously found Guilty, and sentenced to be shot to death.

Pennsylvania Artillery.

Private, Tweedy, Thomas, May 11,1777 ; shot through the right leg, at Newtown, August 29, 1779, and through the left leg, at the Block House, July 21, 1780; resided in Chester county, in 1785.

12th., Pennsylvania.

1. Private, Lemmons, John, from Tuscarora valley, Harris' company, February 2,1777; wounded in head and left leg at Monmouth; transferred to Third Penn.

2nd. Pennsylvania.

1. Private, Holder, Jacob, wounded at Brandywine; resided in Berks county 1820, age 75.

Regiments unknown.

1. Warner, Philip, wounded at Fort Washington ; transferred to the Invalid Corps; discharged therefrom April lo, 1779; Pennsylvania pensioner, 1786.

2. Heinier, John, enlisted April 7,1776; wounded by a musket ball in the leg, and taken November 16,1776; reenlisted in the German regiment; discharged at Trenton in 1781; living in Philadelphia in 1826.

3. Kuntz, Francis, wounded and leg amputated; resided in Lancaster county in 1786.

4. Thompson, John, wounded and taken November 16,1776- transferred to the Invalid Corps.

12th.. Pennsylvania.

1. Private, Bentley, Henry, wounded at Metuchin, New Jersey; transferred to Third Penn.

2. Private, Campbell, John, from Pike's battalion, New Jersey; wounded at Piscataway, and discharged; resided in Shamokin township, Northumberland county, 1819.

3. Private, Gallant, James, wounded, and lost his right arm, at Germantown:
transferred to Invalid corps.

4.Private, Hiland, Nathaniel, wounded in service; resided in Indiana county.

5. Private, Lemmons, John, from Tuscarora valley, Harris' company, February 2,1777; wounded in head and left leg at Monmouth; transferred to Third Penn.

6. Private, McClughan, Samuel, drafted into Morgan's rifle command; wounded at Saratoga; resided in Buffalo Valley, 1786.

7. Private, McCowan, Archibald, wounded, and lost his hand, May 10, 1777.

8. Private, Martin, George, drafted into Morgan's rifle command; wounded in left side at Saratoga, October, 1777; resided in Buffalo valley, Northumberland county, in 1786; died March 10, 1816.

9. Private, Polston, Robert, 1776; wounded at Germantown; transferred to Third Penn.

13th. Pennsylvania.

1. Adjutant. Ruth, Francis, wounded in the shoulder by a dragoon ; retired on account of ill health, in 1778 ; resided in Chester county, 1806.

2. Sergeant. Pealing, Joshua, Marshall's company; wounded by a grape shot through the hand at Brandywine.

3. Private, Paul, Frederick, wounded with ball in the left side at Brandywine; lived in Philadelphia, 1835.

4. Private, Watson, William, wounded in the right knee joint at Germantown; resided in Lancaster county, 1788.

5. Private, Weyland, Michael, wounded, and discharged; died in Milton, Pennsylvania.


1. Blakely, George, Capt. Hopes' company; wounded at Paoli; three stabs in his body; captured ; when exchanged, transferred to Capt. John McDowell's company, Seventh Penn.

2. Private, Graham, Philip, enlisted from Flying Warcp; wounded at Brandywine.

3. Private, Hought, (or Houts,) Jacob, wounded at Germantown, in the knee, and transferred to Seventh Penn.

4. Private, McDowell, John, Bush's company, enlisted in 1777; wounded by a ball through his body, in Sullivan's expedition, August 3,1779, and furloughed indefinitely.


1. Private, Cook, Jacob, January 23, 1777; wounded at Brandywine, in the right leg.

2. Private, Cox, Thomas, Buck's company; wounded in the thigh, at Germantown.

3. Private, Stwart, John, wounded in the left arm, at Brandywine, September 11, 1777 ; transferred to Invalid corps.


A resolution of Congress, dated January 30, 1776, directs that Capt. Nelson's company of riflemen, now raised, consisting of one captain, three lieutenants, four sergeants, four corporals, and seventy privates, be enlisted for the service in Canada, on the same terms as the other troops ordered for that service. It was ordered to New York March 13,1776. It was, by Gen. Arnold's orders, attached to Col. do Haas' battalion in Canada, and after de Haas battalion left Ticonderoga, November 17,1776, it was attached to the Fourth battalion, Col. Wayne's, and on the 24th of March, 1777, was attached to Col. Francis Johnston's Fifth Pennsylvania.

1. Private, Bird, Thomas, enlisted February 28,1776 ; deserted May 2,1776.
2. Private, Brooks, Robert, enlisted February 7, 1776; deserted May 2,1776.
3. Private, Bradley, Edward, enlisted March 1,1776; sick in hospital.
4. Private, Campbell, Barnet, enlisted February 10, 1776; sick in hospital.
5. Private, Collins, Joseph, enlisted February 15, 1776; deserted March 15, 1776.
6. Private, Tollman, Isaac, enlisted February 9, 1776; deserted April 1, 1776.
7. Private, Clipper, Valentine, enlisted February 21, 1776; deserted May 2 1776.
8. Private, Easter, Nicholas, enlisted March 8,1776; deserted March 18,1776.
9. Private, Eastley, Charles, enlisted February 7,1776; deserted April 14,1776.
10. Private, Fisher, Samuel, enlisted February 10,1776; deserted March 27,1776.
11. Love, William, enlisted February 23,1776; deserted March 12,1776.
12. Private, McCullock, David, enlisted February 9,1776; killed at Fort Ann, May 29,1776.
13. Private, Mitchell, John, enlisted February 14,1776; deserted April 14,1776.
14. Private, Mullady, Robert, enlisted February 7, 1776; deserted April 2,1776.
15. Private, Rerick, George, enlisted February 14,1776; deserted March 14,1776.
16. Private, Stuckey, Michael,enlisted February 19,1776; deserted May 2,1776.
17. Private, Tingle, George, enlisted March 9,1776; deserted April 22,1776.
18. Private, Wallace, James, enlisted February 12, 1776; acting as butcher at Mt. Independence.


1. Private, Chambers, John, December 7,1776; killed in action.

2. Private, Davis, Thomas, February 6,1777; killed at Yorktown by bursting of shell, October 17,1781.

3. Private, Faghead, [Flayhead,] Thomas, January 16,1777 ; killed October 14, 1781.

4. Private, Sellers, Francis, December 12.1776; killed in Virginia, under Lafavette, October 14, 1781.

5. Thompson, Isaiah, December 16, 1776; killed October 14,1781.

6. Private, White, Isaac, December 18, 1776; promoted corporal; killed in Virginia, under Lafayette, October 14,1781.


1. Sergeant, Chambers, William, killed in action.
2. Sergeant, Rousden, John, killed in action.
3. Corporal, Wall, Anthony, killed in action.
4. Private, Cornwall, William, killed in action.
5. Private, Duke, George, killed in action.
6. Private, Elliot, John, killed in action.
7. Private, Finnemore, Joseph, killed.
8. Private, Flin, James, killed in action.
9. Private, Morris, Christopher, killed in action.
10. Private, Shauman, John, killed in action.


1. Private, Flowers, Philip, killed October 4, 1777.


1. Sergeant, Wilson, James, killed in action.
2. Sergeant, Teas, Alexander, killed in action.
3. Private, Carman, William, killed in action.
4. Private, Dempsey, Lewis, killed in action.
5. Private, Fees, Christian, killed in action.
6. Private, Himler, William, killed in action.
7. Private, McCevedy, Moses, killed in action.
8. Private, Nesbit, Alexander, killed in action.
9. Private, Truby, Thomas, killed in action.
10. Private, Watson, John, killed in action.
11. Private, Williams, Thomas, killed in action.
12. Private, Wooley, Thomas, killed in action.

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