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Wills & Last Testaments of Connecticut.

Have you ever wondered if your ancestor left a “will“, now is your chance to find out. Now I don’t have all the names, but I have listed a few. Most all these name will have the name of the town or county they were from or both and their Executors. This is just a will index and not the wills themselves.

If you would like a copy of the will you will need to go the Probate Court, which will be in the county set of the county your ancestor lived and died in. You may only be able to get a copy of the will by visiting the probate court yourself? But first look them up on line, they all should be on the net and see what kind of services they provide

Index to the Wills & Last Testaments of Connecticut.


1. David Wetmore, wife Sarah, of Litchfield ,District of same.

2. John Roberts, of Windsor, District Hartford, executors Mary James & Paul Roberts.

3. Joseph Eaglestone, Windsor, District Hartford, executor Henry Allyn.

4. John Church, of East Hadham, District Hartford, executor Ira Church.

5. Thomas Cook, of Durham, Hartford county, executor Samuel Doan Cook.

6. Asa Smith, of Woodstock, District of Pomphret, executor Hannah Smith.

7. Henry Marquand, of Fairfield, executors John & Lucretia Redfield.

8. Theophilus Stell, of Hartford, executor Mariamme Still.

9. John Post, of Hebron, executor Jurdon Post Jr.

10. Joshua Hemsted, of New London, Will in the hands of his son Joshua Hemsted.

11. Thomas Winchell, of Symsbury, executors Samuel Owen & Martin Winchell.

12. Edward Higby, of Midletown, executors John & David Higby.

13. Noah Pangborn, of New Haven, executor Samuel Todd, of East Hoosuck?

14. Nathaniel Seward, of Durham, No other info.

15. Orchard Guy, of Branford, executor Orchard Guy.

16. Samuel Blakely, of Woodbury, executors Ruth & Samuel Blakely.

17. John Jeffery, of Groton, Executor, Elizabeth Jeffery.


1. Captain Michael Dayton, of Waterburn, executors Charles & Mehitable Dayton.

2. Abraham Skinner, of Windham, executo William Skinner.

3. Ebenezer Crane, of Ashford, of Windham county, executor Sarah Crane.

4. Samuel Haydon, of Norwalk, executor Samuel Haydon.

5. Ezekiel Sanford, of Fairfield, executor Gideon Sanford.

6. Ephraim Smith, Executors Elisha Fitch & Seth Smith.

7. Nathaniel Penfield, of Wallingford, executor Hannah Penfield.

8. Ithiel Pettibone, of Symsbury, executor Levina Pettibone.

9. Samuel Green, of Midletown, executor Nathan Coe.

10. Samuel Galpin, executors Benjamin Galpin & Roger Norton.

11. Daniel Gold, of Redding, county of Fairfield, executor Stephen Gold.

12. Joseph White, of Chatham, county of Hartford, executor Elkanah Sears.

13. Stephen Crosby, of Killingley, executor Hannah Crosby.

14. Jonathan Palmer, of Volumtown, No other info.


1. John Ogden, of Fairfield, executor Hezekiah.

2. Gideon Hurlburt, of Fairfield, executor Thomas Nash.

3. John Bradley Jr., executor Medad Osborn.

4. Jacob Perkins, of Norwich, executor Jacob Perkins.

5. Colonel Fisher Gray, of Farmington, executors Daniel Curtiss & Ruth Gray.

6. John Alger of Killingley, No other info.

7. Captain Samuel Parker, of Windham, executors Nathaniel Ladd and others.

8. Gideon Ives, of Wallingford, executors Amos & Enos Ives.

9. Oliver Pierson, of New Haven, executors Hannah & Joseph Pierson.

10. Benjamin Jacobs, of Killingley, executor Dorothy Jacobs.

11. Nathaniel Hazard, executor Benjamin Kissam.

12. Major Elihu Humphry, of Synsbury, executors Jonathan Humphry, Benjamin Farnham, Daniel Knapp and his wife Asenah Humphry.

13. Nathaniel Harrison, of Branford, county New Haven, executor Mary Harrison.

14. Israel Camp, of Durham, executors John Curtiss, Eluathan Camp and Israel wife Mary Camp and others.

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