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Adam Arbogast-Revolutionary soldier-Virginia.

Adam Arbogast, Pocahontas, November 6, 1832.  Born 1760.  Indian spy. 1776 or 1777.  Drafted and marched under Captain John McCoy and Lieutenant Joseph Gwin to West 's Fort on west fork of Monogahela, then down the river to Lowther's Fort, then lower yet to Nutter's Fort, where he remained much of the three months, and finally to Coontie's Fort, where troops were called in consequence of the Indians killing a white woman, while she was spreading hemp in a field.

Volunteered,1778, as Indian spy under the same Captain, and marched to warm springs, whence he, together with George Hull, John Gum, and Conrad Fleisher, were ordered to Crabbottom to guard that locality, and there remained the rest of his time.  At another time he march from his home ( Now Highland ), across Greenbrier River to Seneca in pursuit of Indians.  Date not given ( 1781? )

Note. There are copies of his pension application, but as most of the information is the same as the above I will not print it here.  However there is a part of the application I will print as it is interesting, and may help you learn more about him.

The following report is by District Attorney Washington G. Singleton who investigted many pensioners in present West Virginia. For details see pension application S6111 of David W. Sleeth. Singleton wrote “Entitled” in his report on Arbogast, who was listed as a pensioner in the 1840, federal census of Pocahontas County.] Adam Arbagast Served 6 mo. [illegible word] $60.

I the undersigned Adam Arbagast at the request of W. G. Singleton give the following statement of my age & of my Revolutionary Service as a soldier. to wit:

I was 75 yrs. old on the 25th October last – am a native of Frederick county and resided in west augusta now Pendleton county during the war of the Revolution — in the year 1777 (to the best of my recollection) I was drafted for 3 months and marched from Pendleton county (under Capt. John McKay, Lieut. James Guinn & David Marton Ensign) through Tygarts Vally Randolph County thence across the Buckhannon River into the present County of Harrison county. there our company was divided & subdivided and sent to the different forts or stations in the settlement. myself with others were stationed at Bushes Fort on Hackers creek afterwards removed to the west Fort of the Monongalia River, and thence to Nutters & Louthers Fort. at the several stations above mentioned I served out the 3 months and returned home.

I drew rations received pay & was furnished with arms & ammunition — about two years after the preceeding tour (I wont be certain as to the time, except in this, that it was during the war of the Revolution) I volunteered in same county under Ensign Thomas Right who marched with about twenty men including my self to the Warm Springs now Bath county. on our arival there found at that station Cols. Huggard & McCreary who ordered us back to Pendleton to protect that county from Invasion by Indians. we returned & six of us including my self remained in service for the three months. we were raingeing & scouting through the Frontiers of that county. I was Sergeant and had the command of the little party. Six in number includeing myself as before stated & thus ended my services. My son Jacob wrote my Declaration. Jan’y 30 1835 Adam hisXmark Arbagast
A Copy. W. G. Singleton Feby 14 1835.

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