Friday, December 09, 2011

Livery Stables of Arizona 1881.

This page was done just for the fun of it, I hope some of you will find it helpful.

Tucson Arizona 1881.

Richard Brown ( Carroll's Livery stable ).
James Carroll, Livery stable, corner Pennington & Court.
E. F. Colton, Livery and feed stable, 332 Meyer Street South.
George L. Field, Ironwood Livery stable, 109 Sixth Ave.
W. M. Morgan, Ironwood Livery stable, 109 Sixth Ave.
Frank C. Norton, Sup't, Colton stable.

Arizona Gazetter and Business 1881.

Frank Stilwell, Livery and Feed stable.
George McAsh, Livery and Feed stable.
John V. Duilion, Feed stable.
D. W. Cummings, Livery and Feed stable.
D. A. Reynolds, Livery and Feed stable.
R. H. Schell, Livery and Sale stable.
P. C. Robertson, Livery and Feed stable.
G. Ross & Co., Livery, Feed and Sale stable.
John Rusher, Livery stable.
James William, Livert stable.
George Hamlin, Livery stable.
James D. Monihon, Livery stable

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