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Early Indian Wars Of Oregon.

The following names came from the index of ( The Early Indian Wars of Oregon ), I have looked at some of the names and found the information on some of the names may be only a line or two, while others will be longer.  If you see a name of interest drop me a line, but please give the title of this post or I may not be able to find your information.
For the Author, Index-P. 703.


Charles C. Abbott, Died of wounds received at the battle of Evan's Creek.
I. D. Adams, Mortally wounded.
A. M. Addington, Wounded in battle.
L. F. Allen, Wounded at the battle of Grave Creek.
Ira Allen, Wounded in battle.
Pleasant Armstrong, Killed at the battle of Evan's Creek.
Thomas Aubrey, Wounded in battle.


John Badger, Murdered by Indians.
William J. Bailey, Wounded by Indians.
Holland Bailey, Killed by Indians.
W. Bailey, Wounded by Indians.
Charles Bennett, Killed in battle.
William Berry, Wounded.
Crockett A. Bewley, Killed by Indians.
David Birdseye, Shot by Indians.
Milton Blackledge, Wounded in battle.
A. J. Bolan, Killed by Indians.
Isaac Bradley, Killed at Evan's Creek.
J. H. Braun, Killed by Indians.
Daniel Britton, Wounded by Indians.
B. W. Brown, Killed by Indians.
Gilbert Brush, Wounded by Indians.
James Buford, Killed by Indians.
Henry Bullen, Killed by Indians.
J. M. Borrows, Killed in battle.


Alexander Caldwell, Killed by Indians.
James Cartwright, Killed by Indians.
Wiley Cash, Killed bu Indians.
B. Castle, Killed by Indians.
John Chance, Wounded by Indians.
John Clark, Killed by Indians.
John Henry Clifton, Wounded in battle.
A. C. Colburn, Killed by Indians.
Daniel Cooley, Wounded by Indians.
Frank Cratlbru, Wounded in battle.
John Critenden, Wounded by Indians.
W. H. Crouch, Wounded at Graves Creek.
Henry Crow, Mortally wounded at Walla, Walla.
John Cunningham, Killed by Indians.


T. J. Davenport, Wounded by Indians.
John Davis, Killed by Indians.
David Dilley, Killed by Indians.
William Dooley, Killed by Indians.
A. S. Dougherty, Killed by Indians.
A. Douglas, Killed by Indians.
Frank Duval, Wounded in battle.
Jerome Dyar, Murdered by Indians.


Richard Edwards, Murdered by Indians.
J. Elgin, Wounded by Indians.
John Ericson, Wounded at Skull Bar..
Allen Evans, Wounded at Skull Bar.


John Fickas, Killed by Indians.
Calvin Fields, Killed by Indians.
Henry Flasher, Wounded by Indians.
Jesse Fleming, Wounded mortally.
A. G. Fordyce or Fordvce, Wounded by Indians.
Alfred Frence, Killed by Indians.
Nathan Fry, Wounded by Indians.


Daniel Gage, Killed by Indians.
George Gay, Escapes from Indians.
Richard Gay, Drowned.
John Geisell, Killed with four children.
H. C. Gerow, Drowned.
Joseph Gervais, Wounded in battle.
John Gibbs, Killed by Indians.
H. S. Gibson, Wounded at Grave Creek.
Thomas Gill, Wounded in battle.
John Gillespie, Killed in battle.
Isaac Gilleland, Killed by Indians.
Cornelius Gilliam, Accidentally Killed.
Thomas Gilmore, Wounded in battle.
William Given, Killed by Indians.
Charles Goodwin, Mortally wounded at Grave's Creek.
Thomas Gray, Killed by Indians.
Burrell F. Griffin, Wounded by Indians.
George Griswold, KIlled by Indians.


Henry Hader, Killed by Indians.
William Hang, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
Chief Flathead Hat, Killed by Sioux.
Thomas Hayes, Wounded at Evan's Creek.
Peter Heinrich, Killed bt Indians.
Samuel Hendrick, Killed by Indians.
William Hennessey, Killed by Indians.
Isaac Hill, Attacked by Indians.
William Hodgkins, Wounded by Indians.
Jacob Hoffman, Killed by Indians.
G. C. Holcomb, Killed by Indians.
John P. Holland, Killed by Indians.
Lot. Hollinger, Killed by Indians.
I. W. Howe, Killed by Indians.
Hiram Hulan, Killed by Indians.


John Idles, Killed by Indians.


J. K. Jones, Killed by Indians.


F. Keath, Killed.
Granville Keene, Killed by Indians.
Eleazer Kelso, Killed in battle.
Jesse Kempton, Wounded by Indians.
John Kennedy, Mortally wounded at Grave's Creek.
James Kyle, Murdered by Indians.
H. Kyle, Wounded by Indians.
Jacob Kyle, Killed by Indians.


Joseph Lane,  Wounded.
James Lapbar, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
Henry Lawrence, Killed by Indians.
David Layton, Wounded.
G. W. Lebreton, Killed by Indians.
Joseph Leroe, Killed with his four sons.
James Lindsay, Wounded by Indians.
L. Locktirg, Killed.
Sylvester Long, Drowned.
John Long Coquille Chief, Killed.
Presley Lovelady, Attacked.
J. A. Lupton, Killed.


James Mango, Killed at Long's Ferry.
Massacre at Waislatpu.
Massacre at Rogue River.
Massacre at Gold Beach.
Massacre of Ward's Train.
T. D. Mattice, Killed by Indians.
F. D. Mattice, Killed by Indians.
Wesley Maydeu, Killed by Indians.
Ira Maytield, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
P. McClusky, Killed by Indians.
Felix McCue, Drowned.
Patrick McCullough, Killed by Indians.
Greene McDonald, Wounded on the march.
Daniel McKaw, Murdered by Indians.
Helen Mar. Meek, dies.
Elias D. Mercer, Wounded in battle.
Enoch Miller, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
Jacob Miller, Wounded in battle.
Kirby Miller, Mortally wounded at Pistol River.
Isaac Miller, Wounded.
W. A. J. Moore, Wounded.
M. B. Morris, Wounded by Indians.
Patrick Murphy, Killed.
Fletcher Murphy, Wounded.


Harrison Oatman, Wounded by Indians.
John O'Brieh, Drowned.
Thomas O'Neal, Killed by Indians.
John Oldfield, Killed by Indians.
L. W. Oliver, Killed by Indians.


Norman Palmer, Killed by Indians.
John Pankey, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
Edward Parrish, Killed by Indians.
Aaron Payne, Attacked.
T. J. Payne, Wounded at Walla, Walla.
James Penrey, Killed at Grave's Creek.
Henry Pearl, Killed at Grave's Creek.
Frank Perry, Killed.
Edward Phillips, Killed by Indians.
Thomas Phillips, Killed in battle.
J. W. Pickett, Killed at Skull Bar.
John Poland, Killed by Indians.
John Pollock, Killed by indians.
Thomas Price, Wounded by Indians.
William Purnell, Wounded at Grave's Creek.


Frank A. Reed, Killed by Indians.
Martin Reed, Killed by Indians.
BeorgwReed, Killed by Indians.
A. Richardson, Attacked.
John C. Richardson, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
Andrew Rogers, Killed by Indians.
Dr. William R. Rose.
Jacob Rousch, Mortally wounded.
Jesse Runnels, Attacked.
Thomas Ryan, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
Jeremiah Ryland, Killed by Indians.


John Sager, Killed by Indians.
Alexander Sawyer, Killed by Indians.
John Scarborough, Killed at Grave's Creek.
Nelson Seaman, Killed by Indians.
T. J. Sharp, Wounded at Pistol River.
J. Shaw, Killed.
Isaac Shelton, Mortally wounded.
A. Shepard, Wounded at Walla Walla.
Z. Shultz, Wounded.
James Sinclair, Killed by Indians.
W. A. Slaughter, Wounded at Pistol River.
Hugh Smith, Killed by Indians.
G. W. Smith, Wounded at Walla, Walla.
John Smith, Wounded at Walla, Walla.
Adolf Smoldt, Killed by Indians.
P. Snooks, Wounded by Indians.
William Stillwell, Wounded at the Dalles.
Joseph Sturdevant, Mortally wounded.


Benjamin Taft, Mortally wounded at Skull Bar.
William Thompson, Drowned.
J. C. Tolman, Attacked.
John Tricky, Kiled by Indians.
W. R. Tulles, Killed by Indians.
Richard Turpin, Killed by Indians.


Joseph Umgqua, Wounded at Skull Bar.


S. S. Van Hagerman, Mortally wounded.


Mrs. J. Wagoner, Killed by Indians.
J. Wagoner, Killed by Indians.
John Walden, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
S. S. Wall, Shot by Indians.
Leander C. Wallace, Killed.
Lorenzo Warner, Killed by Indians.
James Waters, Wounded.
George Watkins, Mortally wounded.
James Watkins, Mortally wounded by Indians.
Brice Whitman, Wounded by Indians.
Joseph Wilkinson, Killed by Indians.
L. L. Williams, Wounded by Indians.
William Wilson, Wounded at Grave's Creek.
A. V. Wilson, Wounded in battle.
Thomas J. Wills, Murdered by Indians.
John D. Winters, Killed at Grave's Creek.
Calvin Woodman, Murdered.
A. H. Woodruff, Wounded at the Meadows.
Thomas Wright, Murdered.


Ephriam Yager, Wounded.
James Young, KIlled.

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