Monday, December 26, 2011

Richard Allison Bethleham New York-1789.

Richard Allison, of Bethleham in Orang county, farmer duly sworn maketh oath that during the late war to wit some time in May in the year of 1778, he enlisted as a private soldier in Captain Israel Smith's company fourth New York regiment in the service of the United States, commanded by Colonel Henry B. Livingston, for nine momths that on the twenty-eighth day of June in the year 1778, at the battle of Monmouth while in  company regiment & service aforesaid.  He was taken and when taken received four wounds from the enemy by a cutlass.  One of which was on the head, one other on his neck which is much weakened by reason of the sinews being cut, one other on the right shoulder & one on his right arm that he remained in captivity about six weeks, that he was then exchanged and put into the hospital.  That by reason of these several wounds he is rendered in great measure incapable of obtaining his livelihood by labor, that on the 17th., day of May last he was 29, years of age and that he now actually resides in Bethleham aforesaid.
Richard Allison.

Sworn this fourth day of September 1789, before me Richard Varick Recorder.

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