Sunday, December 25, 2011

Johannis York, Court Martial New York.

June 22, 1778, New York, Johannis York, was brought before the court for disobediance of orders pleas quilty and says the reason of his disobediance was because he had no shoes, could not march with his class, for the want of shoes and that he had a field of grain which the cattle got into and was obliged to make a fence to save his grain, and that he thought the expence of the court would not cost as much as the loss of his grain since.  He was not ready to march when commanded.

The court having considered the prisoner find him guitly of the crime wherewith charged.  Fined him fifteen pounds to be paid within three days after demanded and in default thereof to be inprisoned or closely confpnd until said sum together with court and reasonable charges be paid.

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