Saturday, February 18, 2012

Andrew J. Speese.

Andrew J. Speese, 3rd., Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company H., rank Corporal, Mustered in August 17, 1861. Promoted to Corporal, November 25, 1862; wounded at Accotink, Va., October 14, 1861; mustered out with Company, August 24, 1864.

The following is an account on how he be came wounded.

On October 11, while the company was at drill under Lieutenant Baugham, he received orders, to report at once to General Heinzelman, when it was learned that a column of the enemy had passed Pohick Church, and would probable attack our line. He was instructed to ascertain the strenght and probable intentions of this force as quickly as possible. At the time only twelve carbines had been issued to the company, enough to arm the non-commissioned officers, the privates carring pistols and sabres.

Riding leisurely along, when nearing the village of Accotink Virginia., in a thick woods, the advance guard suddenly encounted the First Mississippi Rifles, and a sharp skirmish ensued, the Confederates falling back in disorder upon their battery stationed beyond the village, and kept up a scattering fire, as they retreated. The horses, noy being accustomed to the noise of firearms, soon became unmanagerable, creating so much confusion that the pursuit was stopped and the company retired from the woods. Andrew J. Speese and Edward Tarman were wounded, and one horse waas killed and five wounded.

This account was taken from the Third Cavalry regimental history, in it Andrew J. Speese tells of many personal experiences in battle.

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