Monday, February 20, 2012

The Murder of William Dulin ( Dullin ), Civil War.

The following information comes from a book called:

Butler and his cavalry in the war of the secession 1861-1865.
By U. R. Brooks, Pub., 1909.

William Dulin, ( Dullin), was short down in cold blood on the coner of Main and Culpeper streets in Warrenton by a Captain Farnsworth, of a company in the eighth Illinois Cavalry.  Several of the members of the Black Horse Cavalry, were surprised in Warrenton and as the odds were against them they made a dash to escape capture, and rejoined their company.  William Dulin's ( Dullin's, ), horse fell with him and while in a semi-conscious condition from the fall he was immediately shot and mortally wounded while he lay prostrate upon the street by Captain Farnsworth. 

The members of the Black Horse company swore vengeance against this same captain, and he was told by Mrs. James Catlett, of Catlett station, that every member of the company had his ( Farnsworth's ) name engraved upon their cariridge boxes, and it would be only a matter of time untill he would meet his fate.

On the 3rd, day of July, 1863, Farnsworth led a charge at Gettysburg, where he received a mortal wound, and before he would surrender he deliberately took his own pistol and blew his brains out, and thus ended the brilliant career of his reckless man who rose from Captain in the eighth Illinois to Colonel of the regiment, and then to Brigadier-General.

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