Friday, February 24, 2012

On The March.

The soldier did more marching then fighting and when it was time to fight many did it in bare feet.  Shores were had to come by for both sides.  When there were shoes they were soon wore out from the many long marches.  When on the march many would take off their shoes and tie the laces together and hang them on their rifle as the cartoon on the left shows.  This page will not be about shoes but the men that marched in their bare feet.

New York 91st., Infantry.

*Lieutenant Reese walked the last half of the march in bare feet.

*The shoes of Sergt. Major E. R. Cone gave out early in the march, yet he has not only kept up with the regiment, but has performed all his duties in bare feet.

*James Richardson, Company F, wounded on the 1st instant, without shoes, his feet dressed in cloths, has kept up with the regiment, and is now present for duty.

Report of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph B. Leake, Twentieth Iowa Infantry.

Very many of my command marched with shoes so much worn that their feet were on the ground, and were badly bruised and cut up by the stony roads. A few had been supplied with boots at Camp Lyon, which fitted them so illy that their feet became much blistered and inflamed by the continuous marching. A few of these last mentioned ( carried their boots and marched in their bare feet ) to the scene of action.

No. 204 Reports of Col. John C. Moore, Second Texas Infantry.

By this time many who had left camp with worn-out shoes became totally barefooted, and many of the men, as well as some of the officers, returned to camp after the battle in their bare feet.

*Side note.

REESE, JR., AQUILLA A. Age, 20 years. Enrolled at Baltimore, Md., to serve three years, and mustered in as second: lieutenant, Co. A , February 27, 1865; mustered out with company, July 3, 1865, near Washington, D. C ; first lieutenant, New York Volunteers, by brevet. Commissioned second lieutenant, February 24, 1865, with; rank from January 8, 1865.

CONE, EDWARD RAYMOND.—Age, 19 years. Enrolled at Albany, to serve three years, and mustered in as sergeant, Co. C, September 24, 1861; re-enlisted as a veteran, January 1, 1864; promoted first sergeant, prior to October, 1864; sergeant major, December 7, 1864; mustered in as first lieutenant, Co. C, May 28, 1865; mustered out with company, July 3, 1865, near Balls Cross Roads, Va. captain, N. Y . Vols., by brevet. Commissioned first lieutenant, May 11, 1865, with rank from March 2,1865.

RICHARDSON, JAMES. Age, 23 years. Enlisted at Troy, to serve one year, and mustered in as private, Co. F , August 31, 1861; discharged, June 13, 1865, at Whitehall Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.

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