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Charles Knower, Missouri.

Charles Knower.

Birth: 1838.
Death: Oct. 8, 1878.

Wife: Mary Leslie.
Note.  Her tomb stone reads Mary Leslie, however there are other records that state her name could have been; Mary Scott Leslie Knower or Mary Scott Scott Knower.

Burial: Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, St. Louis City, Missouri.

Charles Knowner, Asst. Surgeon Engineers, Enlisted October 1, 1861, at St. Louis Missouri.  He was a graduate of Maryland University School of Medicince, Discharged October 31, 1864; settled in St. Louis Missouri.  In the surical instrument business, died about 1878.

The following was taken from the regimental history.

Several wounded men were taken to Dr. Knower, and cared for.   There was one whose head appeared so much mashed, and who seemed so very dead that the Doctor thought he would eat his supper before attending him; but when the Doctor came back, the man was groaning feebly, showing that there was at least a little life left in him.  Some water was heated and the Doctor carefully washed off brains and blood, washing from the neck upwards very carefully, and no wound, untill at the top of the man's head was reached and found to be perfectlly sound; it was the brains and blood of the man's horse that had been dashed into his face by a cannon shot, and the only hurt was a bruise on his shoulder caused by the fall with the horse.

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