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14th., Conn., Infantry, Battle Of Antietam.

All these men were of the 14th., Connecticut Infantry.  The men named here were either Killed, Wounded or came up missing.

Captain Jarvis E. Blinn, of Company F, the first officer to head the list of those who were killed in the service of the Fourteenth Regiment, was born at Rocky Hill, Conn., July 28th, 1836. He resided there until 1853, when he removed to New Britain.  August 8th, 1862, he enlisted in the company then organizing in New Britain for the Fourteenth Regiment. He was unanimously chosen captain and commissioned as such August I5th; left the state at the head of his company August 25th ; and was constanly at his post until the i/th of September, when, early in the day, just as his company was ordered to fall back from their somewhat advanced position on the battlefield, a bullet stuck him passing through the heart. He made the single exclamation "I am a dead man!" and died instantly. A friend says of him: "! know of no important incidents in his life. I only know that he was faithful and true in all the relations of life, winning his way by his own merit to the affection and confidence of all who knew him. With an earnest devotion to his country, he gave himself willing to die if need be, for the good cause. His remains were taken to New Britain for interment.

Captain Samuel F. Willard, of Company G, was born in Madison, Conn., November 22d, 1822. He passed his life in that quiet New England village in mercantile pursuits until his enlistment in the Fourteenth Regiment August 6th, 1862. He had some military experience, having commanded an independent militia company in his own town. Being impressed with his duty to his country at the second call for troops, he called upon his townsfolk to form a company for the war. The ranks were quickly filled with the best and bravest of the youth of the town and he was unanimously chosen captain. Farlv in the dav while gallantly leading his men into the thick of the fray, he fell unconscious and later died. His body was taken to Madison where he was buried with military and masonic honors.

Second Lieutenant George H. D. Crosby, who was mortally wounded, died October 23nd, 1862. He was born at Barnstable, Mass., November 22nd., 1840. In 1850 he removed with his parents to Middle Haddam, Conn., where he resided until his enlistment. He made two unsuccessful attempts to get an appointment at West Point, entering Wesleyan University in Middletown in the fall of 1861. Having decided military predilections, he joined the Mansfield Guard and there studied the tactics. He marched with his regiment to Washington and was left with a large guard over the camp at Arlington, when the regiment marched to Fort Ethan Allen. The government not supplying sufficient rations, he purchased them for his men from his own limited means, declining to be repaid. When the regiment marched from Ethan Allen on the Maryland campaign, he rose from a sick bed in the hospital to join and march with his company. A letter written about this time from Sergeant Goodwin of his company (killed later in the war) to his friends, praises his coolness under fire and states that his men were growing very fond of him. During the battle Crosby was walking from one end of his company to the other, encouraging his men. when a bullet struck him in the side, passing through his lungs just in front of the spine, and lodging on the opposite side just under the skin. He was carried back to the hospital and a few days later sent home where he died.

Company A. Killed, Privates, Thaddeus W. Lewis, Michael Maddegan, William H. Norton; wounded, Corporals, Edward L. Humiston, William E. Craig, Privates, Joseph Alix, Henry E. Bachelor, Alfred Brown, Joel N. Bradley, Francis Curtis, Edward Hill. Duncan McCann, Charles H. Matt, Stephen D. Skidmore, Frederick fates, Edward A. Wilcox, Frederick Taylor; missing. Privates, George P. Heck. Abner S. Whitcomb, Musicians, George H. Allen, Lucien W. Hubbard.

Company B. Killed. Private, Robert Hubbard; wounded. Corporals, Frederick R. Beebe, David Muaitland, Privates, Samuel G. Camp, Charles C. Galpin, Joseph McClusky, Hugh McBrayne, Benjamin C. Wilcox: missing, Private, George Brown.

Company C. Killed. Corporals, David Mix, Henry Keeler, Privates, John H. Smith, Michael Keegan; missing, Private, Manfred M. Gibbud.

Company D. Killed. Privates, Henry Tiley, Russell Griswold, William P. Ramsdell, John Abby; wounded. Privates, George Colburn, George W. Corbit, William H. Corbit, Loren S. Griswold, August Gross, Henry Hospodsky, James Henderson, Henrv W. Orcutt, George F. Sloan, Joseph Stafford, Henry Talcott, Samuel L. Talcott, Thomas Wilkie, Christopher Waldo, Alfred A. Taft, Abner S. Bowers, Ansel D. Newell; missing, Privates, Frank D. Main. David B. Crombie.

Company E. Wounded. Sergeant, Henry C. Miller, Corporal.  George Smith, Private, Richard West; missing. Privates, Lucien B. Holmes. William F. Lovejoy.

Company F. Killed, Captain, Jarvis E, Blinn, Sergeant, Frederick R. Eno ; wounded. Privates, Henry Alcott, Henry Beach. John L. Bartholomew, Martin D. Cowles, Peter Frazier, Victor Holcomb, George H. Lewis. Eliphalet S. Packard, Hiland H. Parker, J. Frank Smith; missing. Private, Francis Kavanagh.

Company G. Killed. Captain, Samuel F. Willard, Private, John W. Larks; wounded. Sergeant. Henry A. Pendleton, Privates, George H. Done, Alfred II. Dibble, John A. Hurd; missing. Private, Horace Stevens.

Company H. Wounded, Sergeants, John A. Tibbits, Thomas J. Mills, Privates, S. S. Fox, John Miner,  F. M. Ames; missing. Privates, John Lunger, John Goddard, Lewis L. Latour, Christopher Brown, Edward Mitchell.

Company I. Killed, Corporal, Richard L. Hull, Privates, Edmund I. Field, Raphael W. Benton ; wounded. Privates, Henry M. Rossiter, John Ryan, Valentine Arendholtz ; missing, Corporal, Elbert Sperry, Privates, Sylvester J. Taylor, Augustus Flowers, Hiram Couch.

Company K, Killed, Privates, Benjamin R. Fuller, Henry P. Yerrington ; wounded. Lieutenants, James B. Coit, George H. Crosby, Corporals, John R. Webster, Edward Dorcey, Privates, George W. Babcock, H. H. Brainard, Peter Divine, Jacob Dyetch, Nelson Bement, John Bayhan, William Carroll, Selden Fuller, John Harren, S. D. Allyn, A. T. Simonds ; missing. Corporal, N. P. Rockwood, Privates, Frederick Chadwick, T. Farrell, E. Weeks, C. Risley, E. Maynard, O. Kibbe.

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