Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I lost James Thompson, 2nd., Kansas Cavalry.

The title says it all, I had a gentleman by the name of Charlie Pate, who had some information on James Thompson, of the 2nd., Kansas Cavalry, and wanted it added to the post.  The only problem was I couldn't find the post and when I asked him to go back and find it so I would know were I could post his information.  Well he wrote back and give a laugh and said he couldn't find it again.  Will now what to do, I could just for get it but that would be a waste of his time that took him to look up the information.  And I know some one would like the information.There is a important lesson to learn here.

I get around a thousand request for information or to give information each year, and out of these numbers 25, out of 100, will give the title of the post.  Over the years I have noted ( To give the title of the post or I may not be able to help you.)  I have around 50,000, surnames at this site and to give a name out of the blue, well you can imagin the problem this causes.  Always tell the person your asking  for information from or giving giving information too just were you got or seen the information.

Below is the information Mr. Pate and I put together on James Thompson.

James Thompson, Private, 2nd., Kansas Cavalry, Company K., Private, enlisted November 12, 1861, mustered the same.  Prisoner of war, captured at Poison Springs, Arkansas, April 18, 1864.  Died at Fort Tyler, Texas, 1864.

Charlie Pate, gives these information: 

Mr. Segelquist, here is an addition to your list of 2nd Kansas POWs. According to the Co K Descriptive Book in the National Archives, James Thompson was captured at the battle of Poison Springs, AR, on 4/18/1864. He died in the POW camp near Tyler, TX, on 2/28/1865.

The Descriptive Book entry on Thompson reads: "Missing in Action (wounded & taken prisoner) at Poison Springs, Ark. April 17, 1864. Died in Rebel Prison near Tyler, Texas, Feb 28, 1865 of Scurvy. Final Statements furnished (to his widow) July 30th 1865. Last paid by Maj. Culver to June 30,'63. Clothing $23.00 from 30 Jun 63. Furnished horse & equip from Jun 30 '63 to Apr 18th


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