Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bill Mikler Kills Judson Polite.

The following was taken from a book called; ( Butler and his cavalry ), by U. R. Brooks, Plub. 1909.  This book cand be found on the internet.

In the spring of 1864 the gallant Colonel Thomas J. Lipscomb was ordered to the coast of South Carolina with the Second South Carolina Cavalry, where Bill Mikler put in some mighty good work. After Sherman s march, in 1865, there was a negro captain of a company, named Judson Polite, who was a menace and a terror to the good people of that section, and had sworn to kill Bill Mikler on sight. One day Mikler was riding along when Captain Judson Polite stepped from behind a tree, gun in hand, and much to Bill's surprise said: "Damn you, I have got you now." Bill Mikler said: "Yes, I am your prisoner." Judson kept his gun right on him, and told him how he intended to torture him. Bill said: "You know, captain, when you catch a prisoner, you have to make him put his gun down." The negro said: "Dat's so!" Instantly Bill fired and Captain Judson Polite s brains were spattered all over the tree. The people in that section were never molested after that.

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