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Seven Landsmans of Both Navies.

There is not a lot of information on these names but those looking into these lines may find this information helpful.

Hugh Monaghan.

The said Hugh Monagrow that his name is Hugh Monaghan and not Hugh Monagilliam.

Hugh Monaghan was sent to Fort Lafayette aand landed on February 5, 1862.

I Hugh Monaghan one of the crew or the late privateer Petrel, now a prisoners in Fort Lafayete, hereby make application to be released from custody on my parole of honor or by taking the oath of allegiance not to render and aid or comfort to the enemy in hostility to the Government of the United States within the terms of the Executive Order, Numbers 1, War Department, dated the 14th February, 1862.
I am, your humble and obedient servant, Hugh Monaghan.

Hugh Monaghan was discharged from Fort Lafayette  in the last part of May or the first part of June of 1862.

Michael Dooling.

The said Michael Dillon that his name is michael Dooling and not Michael Dillon.

Michael Dooling was sent to Fort Lafayette aand landed on February 5, 1862.

MOYAMENSING PRISON, Philadelphia, October 31, 1861.

We, the undersigned, being now prisoners in the above prison upon a charge of piracy or treason, &c., do hereby certify that the bonds or notes which we have respectively executed to N. Harrison, of Philadelphia, are for professional services diligently and faithfully rendered by him to and for us and each of us during the various stages and trials of the said cases, and it is our wish and desire and we earnestly request the proper authorities of the Confederate States of America to recognizeand allow the said bonds or notes, and to direct and order them to be paid to the said N. Harrison or his assignee out of any fund or funds in the hands of the saind Confederate States of America (to which we may be entitled or otherwise) as to them may seem fair and equitable, assuring them that the said claim is justly due, and that it has accrued under circumstances of embarrassment and responsibility which will entitle the said N. Harrison to be paid for the same.
Michael Dooling, Landsman of the Petrel.

J. R. Frisly.

Killed of Confederate fleet in action of August 5, 1864, Mobile Bay.
J. R. Frisly, Landsman.

Christopher Shepherd.
Killed of Confederate fleet in action of August 5, 1864, Mobile Bay.
Christopher Shepherd, Landsman.

Henry Fratee.

Wounded of Confederate fleet in action of August 5, 1864, Mobile Bay.
Henry Fratee, Landsman, wounded Badly in hand.

Clarence Miller.

NAVY DEPARTMENT, April 28, 1864.
Major General B. F. BUTLER, &c., Fort Monroe, Va.: SIR:

I inclose herewith a copy of a communication received by the Department from Clarence Miller, dated March 13, 1864, from Libby Prison, Richmond, where he has been held for over a year, having been captured on the North Carolina coast in January, 1863, in consequence of the wreck of the vessel, the U. S. steamer Columbia, on which he was serving. He states in his letter the grounds of his detention. By a declaration of exchange in May, 1863, as reported by Colonel Ludlow on the 30th of that month to the Adjutant-General of the United States, "all officers and men of the steamers Hatteras, Mercedita, Queen of the West, Harriet Lane, Isaac Smith, Columbia, Indianola, and schooner Vassar" were declared duly exchanged. Notwithstanding this, Clarence Miller is still held, not being recognized as a soldier entitled to treatment as a prisoner of war. There are others similarly situated, concerning whom the Department had frequent correspondence with Lieutenant-Colonel Ludlow. Is there no prospect of anything being done for them?Very respectfully, &c.,G. V. FOX,Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

Sidney Bennett.

Sidney Bennett was arrested by order of the Secretary of the Navy and committed to Fort Lafayette January 24, 1862. He was charged with having used highly treasonable and disloyal language whilst serving as landsman on board the U. S. frigate Santee then in the Gulf of Mexico. The said Sidney Bennett remained in custody at Fort Lafayette

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