Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jefferson Mc Clelland, 86th., Indiana, Infantry.

I realize there is not a lot of information, but those looking into this line may find this information helpful.  It will be hard to find any information on him, as he can't be found on any rosters other than those in the Regimental History of the 86th., written by James Barness, Publ. 1895. It should be noted that a family member most have put in for his pension as he is listed in the Pension files.  But at lass I'm unable to research those files.

Jefferson McClelland, Muster in th 86th, Indiana Infantry, on August 21, 1862, as a private in Company H.  Killed in action at Mission Ridge on Novembber 25, 1863.

From the Regimental History.

Jefferson McClelland, of Company H, fell within a rod of the enemy's works on the crest of the Ridge shot dead by a musket ball through the chest when charging on the line while fully manned. He had led all in the up ward rush for the last line of works as he had done from the first start at the line at the foot of the Ridge. He paid the penalty of his daring courage with his life.

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