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Ship Carpenters 1812--1826.

Here you will find the registry for ship carpenters for the years of 1812 through 1826.  Many of these names will be repeated as the carpenters went to other duty stations through out the years.  The years of 1812 to 1815, will be names only.  The navy didn't start recording duty stations on the registries till 1818.You will also note other year dates, be side some of the names these dates shows the years that they were at that station. How ever this does not mean that  their not on other registries as their station changed throuh out the years.  As not to miss any information I would do a name search.  I also have the registries for the years of 1827-1838, how ever they were not recorded here as they were to hard to read and too much information to place here. 

If you didn't find your ansetor or name of interest on this list you may request a look up. Also note many of the names stated here will also be on the registries of 1827-1838.  The information for these years are: Name, Date of Commission, Date of Warrant, Place of Brith, Residence of, Appointed from and Duty station.  As you can see there is a lot more information to find. To request information write to me at:

Note. Some Surnames and Ships Names may be misspelled, as the records were hard to read.
Ship Carpenters.
Regulations & Rules For Ship Carpenters, 1818.
Ship Carpenters Of 1812.
Carpenters pay was $20., per month with two rations per day.
Robert Fell
George Painter.
Samuel R. Rodgers.
John Nicholson.
Jonaihan Gedney.
John Frazer.
John Kane.
James Main.
John Berricn.
Bradstead Brarurs.
Michael Mullany.
James Sturges.
William Pook.
John Crowley.
Ship Carpenters Of 1815.
Samuel Brown, Acting.
Breasted Barnes, Acting.
Peter Demerit, Acting.
Horatio Ewart, Acting.
Robert Feel.
Zaccheus R. Fuller.
Jonathan Gedney.
William Gates, Acting.
David Hortsman, Acting.
Samuel Holbrook.
Isaac Irish, Acting.
George Miller, Acting.
John Nicholson.
William Robertson, Acting.
James Stephens, Acting.
Richard Thomas.
Ship Carpenters Of 1818.
Note don't for get the dates be side the names are the years they were at the same station.

Samuel Brown, Franklin 74. (Guns), 1819, 1822, 1823, 1824.
Breasted Barnes, Washington 74 (Guns), 1819, 1820.
Peter Demeritt, Frigate Congress, 1819.
Abraham Demott, Sackett's Harbor, 1819, 1820, 1822.
John Deacon, Brig Enterprise, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823.
Baruch M. Evens, Corvette John Adams.
John Floyd, Navy yards, New York, 1819, 1820.
Zaccheus R. Fuller, Frigate United States, 1819, 1820, 1821.
Robert Fell, New Orleans, 1819, 1820.
Richard Lowell, Brig Saranac.
William Pook, Sacket Harbor, 1819, 1820.
Samuel Phillips, Sloop Ontario, 1819, 1820.
Nehemiah Parker, Indepence 74 (Guns), 1819, 1820.
James Stephen, Sloop Peacock.
John Stewart, Brig Spark, 1819, 1820.
Richard Thomas, Sloop Erie, 1819, 1820.

Ship Carpenters Of 1819.

Baruch M. Evans, Frigate Congress.
Richard Lowell, New York, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824.
James Stephens, Sloop Peacock.

Ship Carpenters Of 1820.

Christian Barkenbile, Born Penn., Station Erie.
Thomas Berry, Frigate Gueriere, 1821, 1822.
Baruch M. Evans, Frigate Constellation, 1822.
William Pook, Sackett's Harbor.
John Snider, Frigate Congress, 1821, 1822, 1823.

Ship Carpenters Of 1821.

Baruch M. Evans Frigate, Constellation.
John Justice, Born New Jersey, Erie (Penn.) Station, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1825.
Samuel Phillips, Corvette Cyane, 1822, 1823.
Nehemiah Parker, Columbus 74 (Guns), 1822.
William E. Sheffeld, New Orleans, 1822, 1823, 1824.
Richard Thomas, On Furlough.Ebenezer Harrington, Born Maine, Sloop Hornet

Ship Carpenter Of 1822.

Zaccheus R. Fuller, Naval yard Charlestown, 1823, 1824.
Richard Thomas, Frigate Constitution, 1823, 1824, 1825.

Ship Carpenters Of 1823.

Thomas Armstrong, Sloop Peacock.
Richard Berry, Washington 74 (Guns).
Ebenezer Harrington, Born Maine, Sloop Hornet.
Nehemiah Parker, Frigate Congress.

Ship Carpenters Of 1824.

Thomas Armstrong, Sloop Hornet, West India Station.
Richard Berry, Corvette Cyane, Mediterranean.
John Deacon, Schooner Shark, West India Station, 1825.
John Fisher, New York.
Samuel Phillips, Steam Frigate Fulton, New York.
Nehemiah Parker, A waiting Orders.
John Snider, Corvette John Adams, 1825.

Ship Carpenters Of 1825.

Thomas Armstong, Born Penn., North Carolina 74 (Guns), Mediterranean.
Zaccheus R. Fuller, Boston Station Sick.
John Fisher, Born Virginia.  A waiting Orders.
Samuel Phillips, Born New Jersey, Frigate Constellation, West India.
Nehemiah Parker, Born Mass., Naval Yard Charlestown.
William E. Sheffeld, Born Conn., New York Station.

Ship Carpenters Of 1826.

Richard Thomas, Commission January 22, 1814, Constitution.
Zaccheus R. Fuller, Commission April 12, 1815, Borm Mass., Boston Station.
John Snider, Commission January 1, 1818, Born Penn., John Adams.
Nebemiah Parker, Commission January 27, 1827, Born Mass., Charlestown.
William E. Sheffield, Commission April 8, 1820, Born Conn., New York.
John Justice, Commission December 12, 1820, Born New Jersey, Erie Station.
Samuel Phillips, Commission May 24, 1821, Born New Jersey, Leave of Abscnce.
Thomas Armstrong, Commission June 117, 1822, Born Penn., North Carolina 74 (Guns).
John Fisher, Commission March 20, 1823, Born Virginia, A Wating Orders.
Isaac White, Commission November 29, 1825, Frigate Constetlation.


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