Thursday, April 18, 2013



(Farmer and Stock-dealer, Section 7).

Mr. Bybee was born May 19, 1838, of John S. and Jennetta (Creed) By bee. His parents came to Missouri among the earliest settlers, and so few facilities were there at that time for housekeeping that they were compelled to do their marketing in Hannibal. Mr. B. improved a farm one and one-half miles north-west of Santa Fe,  and raised principally hemp and corn. George attended school, helping his father meanwhile with the farm until he was 17. He then worked for a year with an uncle in Fulton county. Ill, two years with his brother in Audrain county, and the war coming on, he went into the Confederate army with "Capt. Murry. After six months' service he was dischargecl at Pea Ridge and worked on a farm in the Indian Nation. Returning to Illinois, he married January 25, 1864, Miss Mary J. Powell, a native of Missouri, and farmed there until 1865, when he again took up his residence in Monroe. The following year he bought the home farm where he still lives. He is an energetic and capable farmer and stock-raiser. He deals in cattle, hogs and sheep. Mr. Bybee owns 223 acres of land, upon which he has just erected a new residence, barn, etc., causing it to present a very tidy and attractive appearance. He has a family of eight children, Isadore, Anna, Celia, Harris, Emma, Wallace, Leon and Charles. Mrs. Bybee is a member of the Christian Church.

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