Friday, April 19, 2013

Jesse James At Gallatin Missouri.

Bank rbbed by the Jamees Boy's Gallatin, Mo.
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On Dec. 7, 1869, between twelve and one o'clock, two men entered the office of the Daviess County Savings Association. One of them asked the cashier, Captain John W. Sheets, to change a hundred dollar bill. Cashier Sheets went into the back room to get the money, when he was shot. Hearing the shot, Mr. McDowell, the only other person in the bank, turned quickly and was immediately covered. He managed however to get out of the door and gave the alarm, although pursued by one of the bandits who shot at him several times. Hastily gathering up what funds they could get quickly, they mounted their horses and rode away, closely pursued by citizens who had heard the alarm. They managed to escape. One of the horses escaped and it was afterwards proved that it had at one time been the property of Jesse James. In a letter to Governor McClurg, dated June, 1870,  Jesse James stoutly denied that he had anything to do with the robbery and murder, and said that while the horse captured had belonged to him, he had sold it prior to this time. A number of people testified that they had seen him at other places during the time of the robbery .

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