Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Henry A. Turner, 43rd., Massachusetts infantry.

Field & Staff.

Henry A. Turner, Quartermaster, Residence Boston; Age 38; Merchant; Commissioned October 14, 1862; Mustered in October 25, 1862.  Mustered out July 30, 1863.

The following was taken from the 43rd., Regimental History. 

The only incident of general interest which happened during our voyage was an accident of a serious nature to our quarter-master, Lieut. Henry A. Turner. He, with quite a number of other officers, was on the quarter-deck, at the extreme after-end of the ship, on the most windy day of our voyage. The ship was very uneasy, making it difficult for landsmen to preserve their balance. The officers had gathered a quantity of joiner's chips, pieces of board, and the like, and one by one they were throwing them overboard, and then firing at them with revolvers, as long as they remained within easy range.

It was quite exciting sport, as the water showed where the balls struck ; and encomium or ridicule rapidly followed upon each shot, according to its success or failure.  All at once, we of the ranks, who were debarred from the official precincts above us, noticed a sudden cessation of the firing, the laughter, and talk, and it quickly appeared that the services of our surgeon were required. It proved that Lieut. Turner, while waiting for his chance to fire, had prematurely discharged his weapon while holding it downwards; aud the ball had gone through the centre of his foot.

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