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Francis A. Barnard, 37th Wisconsin Infantry.

Wisconsin State Records.
Francis A. Barnard, Private, enlisted in 37th., Wisconsin infantry, March 28, 1864, promoted to Sergeant, discharged March 8, 1865, due to wounds.
37th., Wisconsin Infantry Regimental History.

Francis A. Barnard, Sergeant, wounded in action June 18, 1864, and discharged March 8, 1865.

Surgeon General Records.

CASE 188. Sergeant F. A. Barnard, Co. A, 37th Wisconsin, aged 25 years, was shot through the body by a conoidal musket ball, at Petersburg, June 18, 1864, the missile entering the right hypochondrium and emerging at the left. He was taken to the Ninth Corps Hospital, and treated by restoratives and simple dressings Surgeon M. K. Hogan, U. S. V., reports the case simply as a "gunshot wound of the abdomen. On July 24th, the sergeant was transferred to the Fairfax Seminary Hospital, where Surgeon D. P. Smith, U. S V., reports the injury as a wound of the left lobe of the liver.

The patient was furloughed December 3d, and on January 6, 1865, transferred to Harvey Hospital, Madison, where Surgeon H. Culbertson, U. S. V reported the case as a gunshot perforation of the abdomen, with wound of the stomach." The wound healed, and the patient was discharged March 8, 1865, and pensioned. Examining Surgeon D.. D. T. Hamlin, M. D , of Elk Horn, Wisconsin, reports, November 22, 1865. the wound as " causing painful respiration, with some contraction of lower part of chest on both sides. Disability one-half and permanent."
Pensioned August 22, 1865.

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