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William W. Hulbert, 4th, Georgia Infantry, Co. D.

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Doles-Cook Brigade History.
West Point Guards Company D.

Page 126.  HULBERT, WILLIAM W. First Corporal, April 26, 1861. Promoted First Sergeant April 28, 1862; Junior Second Lieutenant July 15, 1862; Second and First Lieutenant 1863. Captured at Spottsylvania, Va., while commanding Sharpshooters of the Fourth Georgia Regiment.

Page 83.  Lieutenant William W. Hulbert went into the army as first corporal in the West Point Guards, and his promotions were rapid and well deserved. Captured at Spottsylvania while in command of the sharpshooters of the Fourth Georgia Regiment. He was one of the six hundred Confederate officers who were placed under fire of our batteries on Morris Island, S. C, afterwards transferred to Fort Pulaski, Ga., and paroled December, 1864.

He was a gallant Confederate soldier, always ready to face any danger or undergo hardships of any character. Colonel Doles, who was in command of Ripley's Brigade, speaks in very complimentary terms of Lieutenant Hulbert's gallantry in action during the seven days' battles around Richmond. There is not a more enthusiastic ex-Confederate in the South, and none that love the Lost Cause more dearly. A reunion without his presence would loose much of its interest to his many admiring friends, for he is the prince of good fellows. He is now an influential citizen of the city of Atlanta, Ga., and holds the responsible position of division superintendent with the Southern Express Company.

Authors note.  If you want to learn more about him and his family take this link.

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