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Frederick " Fred", D. Hills.

44th., N.Y.
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New York 44th.,Infantry Regimental History.

Enlisted at Penn.Van N. Y., on August 14, 1862, in the 148th N. Y. V. L, but the company being a supernumerary one, was transferred to the 44th N. Y. V. L, was sent to camp at Albany, N. Y., and was assigned as new Co. C, which was dubbed the Penn. Van Company. This company joined the 44th Regiment at Antietam, Md., in September, 1862. On Jan. 31, 1863, he was made a Sergeant. On Aug. 10, 1863, was transferred to the U. S. Signal Corps at Warrenton Junction and was assigned as Sergeant to the headquarters of Major- General Judson Kilpatrick of the 3rd Division Cavalry Corps. On Aug. 4, 1864, he was assigned to the 1st Division Cavalry Corps, commanded by Major-General Wesley Merritt and then sent to the Shenandoah Valley. After the campaigns in this Valley his command joined the Army of the Potomac in March, 1865. Discharged at close of the war at Winchester, Va.

Signal Corps.
U.S.A. Signal Corps.

HILLS, FRED D., Sergt. . . 241 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill. Transferred from Co. C, 44th N. Y.: Pennsylvania N. Y.; Dept. of Shen.; Army of the Potomac.

New York State Records.

HILLS, FRED D.—Age, 18 years. Enlisted, August 14, 1862, at Penn Yan, to serve three years; mustered in as corporal, Co.,C, October 3, 1862; promoted sergeant, prior to April, 1863; transferred to Signal Corps Army of the Potomac, August 28, 1863.

Frederick D. Hills.

Birth: January 15, 1844.
Death: August 25, 1921.

Parents: Abram and Abigail Munger Hills, ( 1819-1894 ).

Burial: Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, cook County, Illinois.

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