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Peter Shiatte,Vermont.

Left 1862, Right 1906.
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PETER SHIATTE was only 19 years of age when he volunteered into Captain Lonergan's Company A. 13th Regiment Vermont Volunteers. Was born on tile 8th day of May. 1843.His education was limited to the common schools of Vermont, and adverse circumstances prevented continuous attendance even on the district schools. He was a solid healthy young man and to all appearance at time of enlistment well calculated for a soldier. He was on hand to do his full duty at all times night or day never shrank from duty or complained of hardship. He was company cook for a while but was not a success at that so some of the boys claimed. His comrades thought he should prepare cake, pies and pudding occasionally and found fault because he could not make pies, cakes and puddings out of beans, rice, hard tack and salt pork. It was not a soft job to cook for 100 hungry boys and satisfy all. 

Comrade Shiatte was better on the picket line, march, and in the battle than running the company cook tent. He graduated quite early as cook and took up the more suitable duties of a soldier. He never allowed anyone to cross the picket line night or day. friend or foe until they had advanced and given the countersign in a proper manner. Every officer though stars, bars and eagles glistened on breast and shoulder must submit to the same rule when desirous of cross- ing the picket line he walked and guarded. He obeyed instructions to the letter. He made an exemplary soldier and returned home with his share of honors won on the battlefield of Gettysburg. He was mustered out with the regiment .July 21st, 1863. 

On return to civil life learned the trade of tinsmith and metal worker, settled down to business, becoming an industrious hard working. successful mechanic. He married and six children blessed the union. .Josephin Ida, Felix Frederick. Frank. George. Eddy and Tlieodore. all living and prosperous and happy. He says that he shall want one book for each child. Comrade Shiatte has moved about some to better his situation and satisfy his desire and curiosity and to see and know something about this land that he faced cannon to save. The company clerk H. W. Allen says. "He was a pretty good man and soldier, but mighty poor cook!" His present post office address. 127 .Main St., Fall River, Mass

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