Thursday, April 21, 2016

John Edward ("Grit"), Bruce.

BRUCE, John Edward ("Grit"), newspaper correspondent, historian; born at Piscataway, Md., Feb. 22, 1856; son of Robert and Martha Allen (Clark) Bruce; self-educated; married Florence A. Bishop, of Cleveland, O., Sept. 10, 1895. Established.

 The Argus (weekly newspaper) at Washington, D. C, 1879, the Sunday Item, 1880; editor The Republican, of Norfolk, Va., 1882; associate editor and business manager the "Commonwealth," Baltimore, Md., 1884; established Grit, Washington, 1884; under name of "Bruce Grit," paid contributor to Boston Transcript, Albany Argus, Buffalo Express, Sunday Gazette and Sunday Republic of Washington; member literary bureau of Republican National Committee, 1900. Established Yonkers (N. Y.) Weekly Standard, 1908; American correspondent to African Times and Orient Review, London, Eng.

Probation officer in Yonkers since 1910; a founder and president Negro Society for Historical Research. Republican. Methodist. Mason; member Order of African Redemption (Liberia) African Society (London). Author (children's book): Biography of Eminent Negroes, 1910; wrote (pamphlets) The Blood Red Record (a history of lynching in the South), 1905; The Blot of the Scutcheon; The Nation, the Law, the Citizen Their Relation Each to the Other; Concentration of Energy; No Heaven for the Black Man.

Address:146 Warburton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y.

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