Friday, April 22, 2016

Tom Mix

TomMix Joins Fox Films
New Comedy Organization Gets Famous Cowboy Photo- player—Eight Years With Selig.

TOMMIX, cowboy, rough rider, motion picture actor, scenario writer and director, has signed with the William Fox forces and will immediately begin work on a series of western comedies for the Fox film comedy program. The engagement of Mr. Mix for Fox film comedies marks the first change America's most famous cowboy has made in his picture career. For eight years he was leading man with Selig and his followers are numbered by the hundreds of thousands in all parts of the world. For staging the Mix comedies Mr. Fox has leased a large tract of land on the Winna Brown ranch, near Los Angeles, erected a complete western city from dance hall to under taking establishment and arranged for the maintenance of a large stock farm to furnish horses and cattle for the films.  Opposite

Mr. Mix, when he begins work for Fox film comedies, will be Victoria Forde. who has played his female leads ever since he has been in pictures.

TomMix is one of the most picturesque figures on the Pacific Coast. He is typically a westerner and unmistakably a cowboy, always wearing a sombrero, which fits exactly with his rugged virile eatures. He is a familiar character in and about Los Angeles.

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