Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Men of the 161st., Indiana Infantry 1898.

Ernest R. Puhlman, Private, 161 st, Indian Infantry, Company A.  He was born in Berline Germany, in 1877.  His  death was the first of the regiment.  His death was that of a accident.  Ernest was with some of his comrades who were bathing in Trout creek September 3, Puhlman, misjuging the water's depth, dove from a rail road trestle and striking bottom dislocating the thrid spinal vertebra.  He was unconsecious up to the moment of his death, and died at 6:30 p. m., September 4, 1898, in the third division hospital, Camp Cuba Libre.
Note. There is a picture upon requist.

Picture 1.  Jacob W. Dexter, Private, 161st., Indiana infantry, Company I., enlisted at twenty-two years at Monticello, June 8, 1898.  He was transferred to the Hospital Corp's August 20, 1898, and by testimony of the chief surgeon was one of the most obedient and best nurses in the corps.  He was exposed to the smallpox while on duty, he stood at his post and cared for his comrades untill the dreaad disease fastened upon him, and he died on January 17.  He was buried in the United States Military Cemetery, side by side with his comrads, he grave is No. 16.

Picture 2.  Charles Everson, Private, 161st., Indiana infantry, Company K., Died of Typhoid fever, December 2, 1898, at the age of twenty-nine, at Camp Onward, and his remaines were sent home in Columbus Ohio.

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