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Three Men of the 18th., Pennsylvania Cavalry.

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First Horse Joseph L ( S.? ) Leslie.  Second Horse Henry C. Potter.  Third Horse Samuel H. Tresonthick.

First Lieutenant, Joseph L. ( S. ? ) Leslie, Mustered in September 20, 1862, promoted from Sergeant to Second Lieutenant, July1, 1863; to First Lieutenant May17, 1865.  Captured near Stafford C. H., Virginia, August 1863.  In prison at Libby prison, Danville Virginia, Macon Ga., Charleston and Columbia, S. C.  Escaped from Camp Sorghum about November 30, 1864, withothers by running throughthe lines; recaptured nearSavannah R. below Augusta Ga., about the latter part of  December 1864, and sent to Augusta barracks, thence to stockde at Florence S. C., thence about January 5, 1865, to Asylum prison, Columbiaa S. C.; thence to avoid recaptured, by Sherman's army, February 14, 1865, to Charlotte N. C., February 24, to Raleigh, N. C, February 28, to N. E. bridge near Wilmington, N. C., March 1, 1865; arrived at Annapolis, Maryland on borad transport, General Sedgwick, March 7, 1865.  Mustered out date unknown.

Authors note.  Died March 23, 1905, buried at Marion National Cemetery, Marion, Grant County, Indiana.

Captain, Henry C. Potter, Mustered in December 8, 1862.  March 13, 1863, appointed A. D. C. on General Wyndham's staff; April 8, 1863, relieved and return to regiment by O. Deforest, Colonel commanding cavalry brigade.  Captured in a charge at Hagerstown Maryland, July6, 1863, sent to Libby prison, thence May5, 1864, to Danville, Virginia, where confined one week; thence to Macon Ga., on way to Macon, escaped and recaptured; about July 18, 1864, sent to Charleston, S. C., where confined in city jail and Marine Hospital until October 5, 1864, thence sent to CampSorghum on the Congaree river, opposite Columbia S. C.  Escaped from Camp Sorghum, and after wandering about some thirty day's, was recaptured and taken to the house of Levi Adams, between Edgefield C. H., S. C., and Augusta Ga., and return to Camp Sorghum.  Parold and released December 12, 1864.  June 18, 1865, appointed A. A. D. C., on General Rodenbough's staff; 2nd brig., 1st Div., Dept., West Virginia.  Retained by Colonel W. H. Enochs, who assumed temporary command of the Dictrict of Cumberland, West Virginia, June 28, 1865.  Promoted from 2nd Lieutenant, April 1, 1863.  Commissioned Captain company L., April 14, 1865.  Mustered out with company D., 3rd regiment Prov. cavalry, October 31, 1865.

Captain Samuel H. Tresonthick, Mustered in September 17, 1862.  Promoted to first Lieutenant, October 8, 1862, to 2nd Lieutenant, December 8, 1862, to Captain May 1, 1864.  Captured in action at Brandy station, Virginia, October 11, 1863; Escaped and return to the regiment.  Died July 26, 1864, of wounds received in action at St. Mary's Church, Virginia, June 15, 1864.

Authors note.  He was wounded in left leg, leg amputated, wound contracted gangrene, died July 26, 1864.  He was born in 1838, New York,  Buried, body lost or destoryed, burial place is unknown. 

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