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Albert Doty.

Albert Doty.

Birth: unknown
Death: Sep. 28, 1873

Albert Doty Killed himself, Marked as a Sucide.

"Albert served in the civil war 1st with the 34th New York Infantry then with the 57th Massachusetts Infantry as Adjutant of the regiment. He married Emily Jane Mason in 1867. He studied architecture and was engaged in public works in Springfield, Illinois when he took his own life having never recovered from the early loss of his sweetheart. (Contributed by Kathie Martin)"

Civil War Service.

Albert Doty, 1st., Lieutenant, Age 23.  Enlisted from Hancock, Mass. and mustered as a private in company I., 57th., Mass., March 10, 1864, 1st., Lieutenant July 14, 1864, Captain United States Volunteers by Brevet, August 18, 1864, Per General Orders No. 15., Department, February 6, 1865, for gallant service in the operation on the Weldor Railroad, Virginia; mustered out, by expiration of service, July 30, 1865.  Previous service as Adjutant of a Volunteer regiment of infantry from New York, his death date is unknown.

New York, 34th., Infantry.

DOTY, ALBERT.—Age, 20 years. Enlisted, May 1,1861, at Herkimer, to serve two year; mustered in as private, Oo. G, June 15, 1861; promoted first sergeant, December 2, 1861; mustered i n as first lieutenant, March 20, 1862; adjutant, January 28, 1863; discharged for disability, May 7, 1863; commissioned first
lieutenant, May 30, 1862, with rank from March 20, 1862, vice J . E. Johnson, promoted; adjutant, February 10, 1863, with rank from January 28, 1863, vice G. W. Thompson, promoted.

The "Bomb-Proof"

On July 24, 1864, Doty and some of the men where at a Bomb-Proof just behind the trenches.  This bomb-proof was small about twelve feet square, and was hot in side so the men had built a arbor out side the bomb-proof, it was covered with branches and old canvas for protection from the sun.  Ealrier they were shelling the enemy and now they were returning the favor.  The men paid no mind as they were use to it.  Some were laying on the ground and some were sitting on a old cracker box writing letters home, when without waring or sound the bomb-proof exploded.  It was found that the enemy artillery guners aim was off and a ten-inch mortar shell fell in the middle of the "Bomb-proof".  Some of the men were either wounded or killed, some would die later from their wounds.  Doty who was a Sergeant Major at the time came out of it slightly bruised.

"Bomb-Proff" is a cave like hole dug in the side of a large mound of dirt. 

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