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Colonel Wirt Adams.

Wirt Adams.

Birth: March 22, 1819, Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky.
Death: March 1, 1888, Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi.
Burial: Okolona Confederate Cemetery, Okolona, Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

Number 6. Reports of Colonel Wirt Adams, Mississippi Cavalry. FAYETTE, April 29, 1863.

Three of my companies from Natchez, marching to join me, met and engaged the Federal cavalry force last evening 20 miles above this, making a forced march of 20 miles from Port Gibson, with two companies and two mountain pieces. I passed the enemy's flank last night, and formed junction with the three companies directly in enemy's front, intending to engage him. This morning, 8 o'clock, found he had marched rapidly in direction of Brookhaven. Thinking it was his intention to reach Rodney or Natchez, I marched my command to this point, where I have been joined by five companies. Shall now march to intercept his movement toward Baton Rouge.

WIRT ADAMS, Colonel, commanding.

NEAR FAYETTE, May 5, 1863.

GENERAL: I pursued the cavalry to a point near Greensburg, in Louisiana, near which place they forded the Amite River, and made good their escape to Baton Rouge. Notwithstanding I marched over 50 miles per day, and moved during day and night, yet the distance I had to traverse from WEST to east to reach the line of their march, and owing to their use of the most skillful guides and unfrequented roads, I found it impossible, to my great mortification and regret, to overhaul them. During the last twenty-four hours of their march in this State, they traveled at a sweeping gallop, the numerous stolen horses previously collected furnishing them fresh relays. I have marched as rapidly as possible on my return to this point, and, in the absence of other orders, shall move to-day against the enemy's line of communication from the Mississippi River to Port Gibson. I shall annoy and harass him on his rear and flank, and then move toward his front, and communicate with the general commanding between Port Gibson and the railroad. I venture, general to address you direct, pending this difficulty of communication with Major-General Stevenson.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant, WIRT ADAMS, Colonel, Commanding.

MAY 20-23. -Expedition to Yazoo City, MISS., and skirmish (23rd) at Liverpool Landing.
Reports of Colonel Wirt Adams, Mississippi Cavalry.
NEAR LIVERPOOL, May 23, 1863.

GENERAL: I marched my command on yesterday as rapidly as the exhausted condition of the artillery horses would permit, crossed the river, and by dark reached a point 4 miles distant from Liverpool. Resuming the march this morning at 5 a. m., I hastened on to Liverpool, and posted my battery near the river bank and my cavalry dismounted within a few minutes after taking position three transports and two large gunboats appeared. The battery at once engaged them as they came within range, and as they passed my dismounted men poured a rapid and effective fire through the port-holes of the gunboats and all openings of the transports, driving the enemy from his guns. Taking position below the town, he opened a brisk fire of shell, grape, and cannister, with but little injury to my command, I am pleased to say. The fleet, after an hour's delay, resumed its course down the river, and has passed Satartia. The transports are boarded up on the sides and covered with thin iron plates, loopholed for small-arms, and armed with six field pieces each. My impression is the fleet has gone down for re-enforcements. The force left in Yazoo City is estimated by my scouts, who have just returned from the town, at from 800 to 1,200 men. A cavalry force is expected by the enemy at Yazoo City, coming by the Valley road. For this I am now watching.

I find that Liverpool is the only point where the battery can be advantageously posted on the Yazoo from Snyder's to Yazoo City, and I think it doubtful whether the enemy will give me another opportunity at that point.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

WIRT ADAMS, Colonel, Commanding,&c.

Service Record.

Wirt Adams.  Appointed from Mississippi, September 28, 1863, to rank from September 25, 1863, confirmed January 25, 1864:  Paroled at Gainesville, Ala., May25, 1865.  Killed at Jackson, Mississippi, by John H. Martin, May1, 1888, in a street fight with John H. Martion a Newspaper editor.

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