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William Valmore Izlar, Edisto Rifles-S. C.

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William Valmore Izlar.

Birth: May 13, 1840.
Death: Oct. 10, 1912.

He was the son of Julia Elizabeth Allison Pou and William Henry Izlar.

He married in Orangeburg District, South Carolina, December 28, 1870, Annie Adella Felder.

William enlisted as a Private in the Edisto Rifles at Summerville, July 20, 1861; reported on muster roll of December 31, 1861, as on extra duty in the Commissary Department; reported on muster roll of February 28, 1862, as present; on muster roll of April 12, 1862.

Spouse: Annie Adella Felder Izlar (1850 - 1932)

Children: Pauline Felder Izlar Bishop (1872 - 1940)

Burial: Felder Family Cemetery, Orangeburg County, South Carolina.

William V. Izlar wrote a book called: A Sketch of the War Record of the Edisto Rifles, Publ. 1914.  This book can be found on the internet.  This book not only gives the history of the Edisto Rifles such as battles and &c. but gives a lot of information on the men as well.

There were other Izlar's in this company as well, Benjamin P., and James F., and one or two others.  You can read about them in the book.  If you would like to learn more Benjamin and James Izlar and their family go to the site of ( Find a Grave.)

I found it interesting on what William V. Izlar had to say about their servants.

Many of the young members of the Edisto Rifles took with them to the army their negro servants, who not only waited on their young masters faithfully, but cooked their meals also. When in Virginia these servants stayed in the rear, with the "wagon train, but w^ould bring meals to the front every day.

I can only remember the names of those I mention below :

Donald J. Rowe's servant Caesa
Medicus Rickenbaker, servant Anthony.
William V. Izlar and brother, servant Sam.
Jude Robinson and brother, servant Cudjo.
Samuel J. Felder, servant Pierce.
George Elliott, servant Peter.
J. H. Hook and brother, servant Cephas.
Frank S. Inabinet and brother, servant Derril.
J. R. Kennerly, servant Wash.
J. A. Holstein, servant Toney.
Samuel Hall, servant Isaac.
Jefferson Stokes, servant Jim.

These servants were regularly rationed by the government the same as enlisted men. My boy Sam came to the front with rations as usual one day when it was comparatively quiet, but about the time
he reached the lines the enemy commenced a vigorous shelling. This was more than Sam could stand, and he made a hasty flight to the rear. He ran so fast that you could see the bottoms of both his feet in the air at once.

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