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Justus Wardwell Blanchard.

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Justus Wardwell Blanchard.

Birth: 1811.
Death: 1877.

Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he was commissioned a Captain in the 3rd New York Volunteers in 1861. He was at the battle of Big Bethel, took part in the Banks Red River expedition and was in the siege at Port Hudson. Promoted to Colonel in command of the 162nd New York Infantry Regiment in 1863, he was with General Sheridan through the entire Shenandoah Campaign in 1864. For his dedication to duty and service, he was brevetted Brigadier General of US Volunteers on March 13 1865.
Burial: Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, Albany County, New York

BLANCHARD, JUSTUS W.—Age, 45 years. Enrolled, September 9, 1862, at New York city, to serve three years; mustered in as lieutenant-colonel, October 18, 1862; as colonel, June 18, 1864; mustered out with regiment, October 12, 1865, at Savannah, Ga.; prior service as captain, Oo. E, Third Infantry.Commissioned lieutenant-colonel, September 12, 1862, with rank from September 9, 1862, original; colonel, May 31, 1864, with rank from April 9, 1864, vice L. Benedict killed in action.

Blanchard, J. W., lieut.col.; age, 45; enrolled Sept. 12, '62. at New York; mustered in Oct. 18, '62, at New York, for 3 y's, or war. 1862: Oct., present; commission bears date Sept. 12. with rank for Sept. 9, '62; borne as Justus W-Blancard ; Dec, present ; claims as due to him pay from date of comniissiou to Oct, 18, '62; * * * last paid Nov. 9, '62, by Maj. Thos. B. Oakley, paymaster; paid from Oct. 18, '62, to Oct. 31, '62, but Paymaster Oakley calculated that period at and paid for only 13 days ; there is one day's pay due on last muster. 1863: Feb., present, comdg. regt.; * * * tliere is one day's pay due on that (Oct. ) muster ; Apr. ,last paid to Dec. 31, '62, present, same remark; June, same; Aug., last paid not known, absent on detached service, S. O. 195, 19 A. C. * * * ; Oct., last paid not known, absent, detachcd service, New York, S. O. 195, Hd. Qrs. 19 A. C; Dec., last paid to Oct. 31, preheut.comg. regt 1864, Feb., same ; Apr., last paid to Dec. 31, 63, present, comdg. 3rd brig., lst Div.. 19 A. C, back pay due from Sept. 21, '62, to Oct. I8, being then in coniinaiid of regt., and doing duty at Riker's Island, N. Y.; June, last paid to Apr. 30, '64 ; colonel, present conidg. rogt., back back pay due as It. col. from Sept. 21, '62, to Oct. 18, 1862,having joined for duty at that time, date of commission or regtl. appointment, Apr. 8, '64; mustered in June 18, '64, at Morganzia, La.; Aug., last paid to Apr.30, '64, present, comdg. regrt., back pay due as It. col., from Sept. 21, '62, to Oct. 18, 1862, baving joined for duty at tbat time ; Oct., last paid to Aug. 31, '64, present, comdg. regt. ; Dec, same. 1865: Feb., last paid to Feb. 28, '65 ; same remark; Apr., same; June, last paid to Apr. 30, '65, present, comdg.regt. Aug, last paid, Apr. 30, '65, absent, det. service, S. O. No. 8. Hd. Qrs. Diat. Savanuah. July 22. '6 5. Mustered out with F. and S. Oct. 12, '65, at Savaunah Ga., last paid to Apr. 30, 1865..

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