Thursday, April 17, 2014

Alonzo Winn, Illinois.

In the spring of 1874, there was an attempt by one Alonzo Winn to murder his wife. The attack was made about s o'clock at night, April 21, at the residence of Samuel Wilson, on Main street, with a pistol, the shot taking effect in the eye, totally destroying it; but, after much suffering, the lady recovered. Winn made his escape, but was captured over near Decatur, and imprisoned.

This tragedy created the most intense excitement, and, if Winn had been brought through this place on his way to the County Jail at Havana, he would surely have been hung. A great crowd gathered at the depots at the arrival of every train, and the undercurrent of suppressed feeling unmistakably indicated determined vengeance. He was tried at the term of court following, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for a term of seven years.

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