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Joseph F. Grawe, Iowa.

There will be some  differences in dates places and the spelling of his name.  His name is spelled "Grawe", in some records while others its spelled "Grane."  In some records he can't be found under any spelling.

Joseph Frederick Grawe.

Birth: Jul. 6, 1843, Germany.
Death: Feb. 24, 1933, Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa.

Wife: Blanche A. Waite Grawe (1852 - 1936).

Children: Carl Frederick Grawe (1874 - 1959), Joseph P. Grawe (1876 - 1957), Harold L. Grawe (1877 - 1952), Avis C. Grawe (1879 - 1950), Adelaide E. Grawe (1881 - 1940), Helen Grawe (1889 - 1937), Dorothy Grawe Treloar (1891 - 1979), Marjorie Grawe (1895 - 1988).

Burial: Harlington Cemetery, Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa.

Joseph F. Grawe, Biography.
Publish date, 1883.
Joseph F. Grawe, postmaster at Nashua, and editor and proprietor of the Nashua Post (republican); was born in Prussia, in 1843, and when five years old came with his parents to the United States.  Their first settlement was in Stephenson county, Ill., near Freeport He enlisted in 1860, in company G, ninety-third Illinois infantry, and served till the close of the war; he was shot in the right side at Altoona, Ga., and was also captured and taken prisoner of War again captured at Hllon Springs, Miss. ; twice experiencing the Horrors of southern prison life.

In 1867 he came to Nashua, and was engaged at school teaching until the fall of 1869, when he was nominated by the republicans as superintendent of schools, and was elected with the remainder of the ticket,and served five years.  In 1873 he resigned, having purchased the Nashua Post, which paper he still edits and owns, and has a circulation of 1,100 copies, is republican in politics, and is the only paper published in the town.

The office is in the Greeley block, and is well fitted as a news and job office, has just put in a new Campbell power press, and all the necessary material for a first-class office; he employs four compositors. Mr. G. received his commission as postmaster on April 29, 1879, succeeding I. A. Rutherford. It is a third-class office, and besides being a regular money order office, it is the only international money order office in the county. Mr. G. was married on the 3d of June, 1873, to Blanche A. Waite, and they have five children.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report.

Name: GRANE, JOSEPH F. Rank: PVT. Company: G. Unit: 93 IL US INF.

Personal Characteristics. Residence: ONECO, STEPHENSON CO, IL. Age: 19. Height: 5' 11 1/2. Hair: LIGHT. Eyes: DARK. Complexion: FAIR. Marital Status: SINGLE. Occupation: MASON. Nativity: PA.

Service Record. Joined When: AUG 9, 1862. Joined Where: DACOTA, IL. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: OCT 13, 1862. Muster In Where: CHICAGO, IL. Muster Out: JUN 23, 1865. Muster Out Where: LOUISVILLE, KY. Remarks: CORPORAL.

Illinois 93rd., Regimental History.

Joseph F. Grawe, Private, Oneco, Ill., August 9, 1862.  Wounded in battle severely in left side, October 5, 1864, at Altoona, Ga., Promoted Corporal.  Mustered out June 23, 1865, P. O. Waverly, Iowa.  Editor of the "Bremer County Independent".

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