Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Killings in Ohio.

Dearborn County, Ohio.
When the red men left for the Wabash country one savage alone refused to leave his old haunts, choosing to remain and live among the pale faces, from whom he received the name of "saw-mill." The friendship of this Indian was of much service to the pioneers in that critical period, and his untimely death was greatly lamented.

Near where the town of Harrison now is, he met two of his own race, one of whom bought whisky and gave some to his companion, but none to himself. "Saw-mill," feeling himself insulted, challenged them both to fight him at the same time. The challenge was accepted. They all whetted their knives, then laid them down and took another drink. They then made a ring two rods in diameter, within which they were to confine themselves, and began their bloody conflict. "Saw-mill" first killed one of his antagonists, and then was killed himself by the other.
Trumbull County, Ohio.

Sheriff George Mygatt, e., 1834, [executed the sentence of death by hanging jmssed upon Ira Gardner, who killed Miss Mary Buell in his yard about mid-day by stabbing her with a knife, near the junction of South street with Red run. This was the only murder ever committed in Warren]

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