Monday, April 14, 2014

Your Time Is Up!.

They say you can't cheat death, and when your time is up its up, and for those on this list it was so.

The names on this list were taken from County Histories and Biographies.

I know many of you know when your ancestor died, but may not know how they died.
The information is short maybe only a line, but its always fun to see ones ancestors name in print.

August 24, 1869, Winneshiek, county, Iowa.
David Self, was killed by his wagon tipping over into the river on the dugway, Decorah.  He was thrown under the wagon, his wife and children escaped.

March 28, 1881, Winneshiek , county Iowa.
James McConnell, an old resident of Bluffton, was killed by being thrown from his wagon on his way home from Decorah.

1862, Winneshiek, county Iowa.
Jonah Hole, was killed by being thrown from a buggy by a frightened team.

Hancock county, Iowa.
John Porter, was killed by a fall from a wagon.

January 4, 1878, Winnebago county, Iowa.
Lewis Helgeson, was killed by being thrown from his wagon.

1861, Winnebago county, Iowa.
Mr. Knudson, was killed by being run over by a wagon.

1849, Fulton county, Ohio.
Cornelius Poorman, was killed by a falling tree.

1853, Fulton county, Ohio.
Peter Hornung, was killed by a tree falling on him.

Goslee, Ohio.
Captain James Winder, was killed by a Railroad train.

1824, Ohio.
Rev. George Schwartz, was killed by a runaway team, while returning home from Jeffersonville.

September, 1876, Ohio.
Morris Morris Sr., was killed by the over turning of his carriage.

1860, Marion county, Ohio.
Elias Washburn was thirty-five when killed by lighting.

John J. Kurt, fourteen was killed by being kicked by a young horse which his father was driving.

Hardin county, Ohio.
Thomas G. Vassar, was killed while riding his horse which fall on him.

1877. Ohio.
John Ohler, was killed by a falling tree.

Alexander McDonald, an engineer was killed in a Railroad wreck.

August, 1894, Ohio.
Frederick Gerlach, was killed by lighting.

1798, town of Franklin, Vermont.
Captain William Kendall, was killed by a building falling on him.

February 8, 1864, Vermont.
Eleazer Jewett, was killed by a premature blast of a maple log.

1824, Franklin county, Vermont.
Yaw Joseph, was killed by a falling tree.

April 20, 1868, Jersey City, New Jersey.
Oscar Sandford, was killed by a Pennsylvania Railroad train, on his way back from a business trip.

1867, Essex, county, New Jersey.
Rev. Samuel Y. Monroe, was killed on the Railroad near Jersey City.

June 1, 1872,Allen's Grove, township, New York.
George R. Bratt, was killed by a stroke of lighting which killed him and his horse.

New York.
Charles C. Btgelow, was killed accidentally by a small cannon he was 12 years old

November 22, 1833, New York.
James Barry, was killed by a runaway team.

1879, New York.
Wallace Phelps, was killed accidentally at a Railroad crossing near Beaver Dams.

Bond county, Illinois.
S. D. White, was killed by falling off Shoal Creek, bridge.

December 3, 1864, Greenville City, Illinois.
James M. McAdams, was killed while arresting deserters in Bond county.

Okaw, Illinois.
James Wise, was killed by lighting.

Clay county, Illinois.
Daniel Moore was killed by jumping on a crowbar.

William F. Dye, was killed by lighting, age 21 years..

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