Thursday, May 16, 2013

C. S. S. Arkansas, Killed & Wounded.

C. S. S. Arkansas.
This list of men were either killed or wounded will in battle on the C. S. S. Arkansas, also called the Steam Ram Arkansas and C. S. Gunboat Arkansas.

These names were given in two reports dated Vicksburg, July 23, 1862.

These information came from ( The official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies ) Series 1, Volume 19.


John Kane, Private, Pinkney's Battalion Louisiana, Volunteers.
Charles Madden, Private, Clinch's Battalion Louisiana Artillery.
Henry Shields, Company E.
Antonio Flores, Company G.
Daniel Sullivan, Company A., 28th., Louisiana Volunteers.
Frank Harter, Captain, Hold.
Samuel Heaton, Officer's Stewart.
R. Rankin, Seaman.
John Thorhell, Fireman.
William Dills, Volunteer from Army.
W. Woodward, Volunteer from Army.


William Alexander, Private, Clinch's Battalion Louisiana Artillery.
John Sullivan, Private, Clinch's Battalion Louisiana Artillery.
Thomas Lynch, Sergeant, Clinch's Battalion Louisiana Artillery.
Bernard Martinez, Private, 28th., Louisiana Volunteers.
Daniel Clifford, Seaman.
Charles Hardee, Officer's Stewart.
Arnold Beecher, Ordinary Seaman.
Henry Evans, Volunteer from Army.
J. R. Hill, Volunteer from Army.
John Johnson, Sergeant, Louisiana Volunteers.

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