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Major Frank B. Ward.

Frank B. Ward.

15th., Pennsylvania Cavalry, taken from the 160th., Infantry.

Company B.

Frank B. Ward Captain, Mustered in November 30, 1861 Promoted from 1st Sergeant, Anderson Troop, September 24, 1862; to Major, October 10, 1862.

Field and Staff.

Frank B. Ward Major, Mustered in November 30, 1861 Promoted from Captain, Company B, October 10, 1862; died January 4, 1863, of wounds received at Stone River, Tenn., December 29, 1862; buried in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburg, Pa.

The following was taken from the 15th., Regimental History.

Frank Biddle Ward was born December i, 1842, in Pittsburg, Pa. From school he went into the employ of Clark & Company, the great railroad shippers, where he had been about three years. When the war broke out, he enlisted immediately as a private in the Duquesne Grays, Captain Kennedy, for the three months' service. At the end of that time he re-enlisted as private in the Anderson Troop, better known as Buell's Bodyguard, in which he soon became Orderly Sergeant. When the troop was raised to a Regiment, he was promoted to a Captaincy and afterward to Junior Major He was mortally wounded at the battle of Stone River, December 29, 1862, and died January 11, 1863, as true and gallant a soldier as ever rode to death.
Requiescat in pace!

The Christian Spirit of the Regiment.

When Major Ward fell mortally wounded at the battle of Stone River, and was carried back some distance to where the  Surgeon could examine him, he inquired after the nature of the wound, and on being told that it was mortal, he called for someone to pray for him. Now we had no Chaplain, but there were several private soldiers standing nearby, one of whom immediately knelt by the side of the wounded Major, there in the woods and within range of the enemy's guns, and prayed most fervently in his behalf prayed not as if in his mind prayer was just for cases of emergency, but as if he were in daily communion with the Lord and needed no introduction.

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