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Service Man Killed or Wounded in Navy Battles. P. 1.

The following information comes from The official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies.   Series 1., Volume 9.

Edward A. Pierson, Assistant Surgeon, of the Penobscot, was  killed May 22, 1863, at his quarters by a shell fired from Fort Fisher.  The Penobscot was struck by a rifled shell which caused the death of Dr. Pierson.

Thomas I. Donahoe, Landsman, was killed while working on a ship wreck.  Some rebels fired a volley with their rifles from behind a san hill.  This was at New Inlet, North Carolina, Sepeteber, 1863.

John Callister, Coxswain, of the Swan, was killed being shot through the head causing immediate death.

Killed from the U. S. S. Underwriter.

Jacob Westervelt, Acting Master ( Commanding ) Body Recovered February 28, 1864.

John Fealy, First Class Fireman, Body Recovered February 16, 1864.

Alfred Banks ( Colored ), Captain's Boy, Body recovered March 1, 1864.

John H. Beiderman, Ordinary Seaman, Body Recovered March 2, 1864.

U. S. S. Minnesota, April 15, 1864.

Acting Volunteer, Lieutenant Charles B. Wilder, had the lockstring in his had and ready to fire when he was struck by a rifle ball in the left temple and instantly killed.

Casualties from the U. S. S. Ceres, April, 1864.

William Rose, First class Fireman, Killed.

Acting Third Assistant Engineer, George A. Dean, wounded.

Acting Third Assistant Engineer, John Frank,  wounded slightly.

 Acting Third Assistant Engineer, John R. Sherwood, wounded slightly.

Acting Master's Mate, James B. Hopkins, wounded slightly.

Samuel Pascall, Ships Cook, wounded mortally.

John Peterson, Seaman, wounded.

John Flynn, Landsman, right arm amputated.

John Benson, Landsman, wounded severely.

Casualties from the U. S. S. Mattabesett, May, 1864.

Ralph E. Lake, First Class Fireman, Killed.

William H. Demilt, First Class boy, Killed.

James L. Plunkett, Acting Master, wound contusion of right thigh.

Daniel Lamon, Captain Forecastle, wound lacerated scalp.

James Mulvehill, Ordinary Seaman, wound contused of left should.

Charles F. Moeller, First Class Boy, wound contusion  of right eye and ecchymosts of left eyebrow and lid.

John B. Jewitt, Landsman, wound punctured of right forearm.

Casualties from the U. S. S. Sassacus.

James Tillott, First Class Fireman, died May 7, 1864, from the effect of steam.

Thomas Johnson, Second Coal Heaver, killed instantly on May 5, 1864.

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